Symwave will show a demo of a USB 3.0 storage solution next week in Las Vegas

USB 2.0 has been around for a long time now and its successor, USB 3.0, will be coming in the next few years to offer much faster transfer speeds. USB 3.0 will be available with products on the market by 2010 according to the USB-IF, the body in charge of the specification.

USB 3.0 will be the focus of attention at a demo slated to be shown at CES 2009 starting next week, put on by Symwave and partners from the data storage and hardware industry. Symwave says that its demo will show off the capability to stream data at speeds not previously available.

The big commotion surrounding USB 3.0 is its ability to transfer data at speeds of 5Gbps, roughly ten times the speed USB 2.0 is capable of. The massive speed increase will make it much easier for computer users to backup large amounts of data to an external storage solution using USB connectivity.

USB 3.0 was unveiled by Intel at the 2007 IDF show and was the source of some contention when AMD and NVIDIA alleged that Intel had the important open host controller specifications ready, and wasn't releasing them to other manufacturers to give Intel a lead to market. Intel released the open host controller specifications in November.

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