A U.S. Marine feels the pain of the ADS  (Source: U.S. Marine Corps )
Weapon makes people feel like they are burning

The U.S. military has invested heavily in weapons over the years that can incapacitate enemies without killing them. One of these weapons is called the Active Denial System (ADS) and it is a non-lethal weapon that makes its target feel as if his or her skin is burning. However, the burning sensation is completely reversible.
The ADS was demonstrated to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos and senior members of the military at a base in Quantico, Virginia last week. The non-lethal technology has a range of up to 1000 meters.
“The system is state of the art technology, it’s not widely known…a lot of perceptions and misconceptions about what the system is and what it isn’t. It is a millimeter wave system, it is not a microwave,” said Marine Col. Tracy Tafolla, Director of the US DoD Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate.
The beam created by the weapon is a 95-gigahertz, millimeter wave beam that only penetrates 1/64 of an inch into the skin. System has been researched for 15 years and Tafolla thinks the system is safe. The range of the ADS system is much further than that of other non-lethal weapons that use kinetic energy. The range of the ADS is said to be 10 times that of traditional non-lethal weapons
The weapon was briefly deployed in Afghanistan but never used in combat. The military says many people confuse the technology with a microwave. The 95-gigahertz frequency is only absorbed superficially by the skin and the military says they've done over 11,000 exposures on people with only two injuries. Despite the fact that the ADS uses a wave 100 times the power of a regular microwave, it's unable to transfer enough heat to pop a bag of popcorn. The trigger also only activates the weapon for 3 seconds.
“It could be used across the military spectrum of operations, perimeter security, crowd control, entry control points. You name it. I think our forces will figure out the many different applications that it would have,” Tafolla said.

Sources: Marines, Defense News

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