Gary McKinnon will fight the ruling

Gary McKinnon, the alleged hacker who broke into secured government computers, will face extradition to the United States.  McKinnnon's attorney does not feel that McKinnon will be given a fair trial if charged in the United States -- which could lead to his imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay according to the attorney.  The ruling should have occurred several months ago, but constant reassurance had to be issued by the US government that a fair trial would be given.  McKinnon's immediate fate now lies in the hands of British home secretary John Reid, who will make the final decision in the future.  The Independent reports:

Speaking after the hearing, Mr McKinnon portrayed himself as an amateur hacker who used a dial-up modem to access sensitive government networks from his bedroom.  Among the most serious charges are that he deleted system files and logs at US naval weapon station Earle in the immediate aftermath of the 11 September attacks, rendering the base's entire network of more than 300 computers inoperable. 

According to reports, McKinnon caused up to $900,000 in damages in 14 states between February 3001 and March 2002.  McKinnon's defense is that he hacked the government computers to prove the existence of interstellar aliens.

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