United Kingdom IT experts and government officials need new cyber experts to protect its infrastructure

The United Kingdom plans to beef up its digital security efforts by launching a new search for cyber security experts able to help the government defend against cyber attacks.

As part of the Cyber Security Challenge, natural abilities will be assessed using online and in-person examinations.  Top participants will receive university scholarship funds, training course registration, and other perks to help usher in a new generation of cyber experts.

"Defending all of our interests in cyberspace is a relatively small cadre of talented and highly skilled public sector and private sector cyber security professionals," said Baroness Neville-Jones, UK Minister of Security, in a statement.  

The UK faces a security void that needs to be addressed as the threat of foreign-based cyber attacks looming for western nations.  Specifically, the government is finding some security agents too old, while others who recently moved into the field switching to new positions.

The United States and other western nations have also worked to increase their cyber security efforts, with President Barack Obama expecting the U.S. military and government to better protect against Web-based attacks.  In May, the U.S. Air Force converted 3,000 officers into cyberspace security experts to help prevent cyber attacks against the U.S. infrastructure. 

There will be higher demand for security consultants hired by government agencies and companies to evaluate their security.  Some universities have created custom degree programs related to computer infrastructure and cyber security -- and the FBI and military security experts are developing new training programs.

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