Tony Bates and Tami Reller are next to go

Change is the key word for Microsoft lately as it shakes up the executive ranks all the way up to CEO. Now, two more execs are reportedly leaving the company.

According to Fox Business, Tony Bates and Tami Reller are next to leave the company. Bates is the former Skype CEO in charge of Microsoft's business development and Reller is the co-head of Microsoft's Windows unit.

Bates is expected to leave the company immediately and for unknown reasons. Eric Rudder, head of advanced strategy, will temporarily take over Bates' duties until a permanent replacement is found. 

Reller, on the other hand, will stick around at Microsoft for a little longer to help out with the transition.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is due to publicly announce the changes tomorrow, but has already sent out an internal memo to Microsoft employees regarding the shake-up last Friday.

Steve Ballmer and Tony Bates [SOURCE:]

Microsoft has seen many changes recently in the wake of a major restructuring process within the tech company. A major switch was former CEO Steve Ballmer's retirement and the appointment of Microsoft exec Satya Nadella, which occurred in late January. 

In addition to Nadella's new appointment, it was confirmed that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates would be spending more time at the company once again as Founder and Technology Advisor. He stepped down as Chairman of the Board of Directors at that time. 

Just a week ago, it was announced that Julie Larson-Green -- head of Microsoft's Devices and Studios Group who recently led Microsoft hardware development -- will become chief experience officer for the company’s Applications and Services Group. This means that Larson-Green will work with products like Bing, Office and Skype. 

Tami Reller [SOURCE:]
The Devices & Studios Group will be taken over by Stephen Elop, who is the former CEO of Nokia. Elop will take on this role as soon as Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia is complete (which should happen this quarter). 

The Fox Business report added that Mark Penn, who was an executive vice president at Microsoft overseeing advertising and strategy, will become chief strategy officer. 

The company continues with a restructuring process that was announced last year. The main goal behind the restructuring is unifying Xbox, Windows Phone and PC units, which shows that devices and services are the center focus. 

Source: Fox Business

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