Ds, Citroen’s luxury car brand, has hit upon a novel new use for the key fob-making it double as a contactless payment card.


Simply tap it on the screen of a card payment terminal and payment can be accepted, just like a normal credit or debit card for any transaction of about $30 or less.

Also money can be added to the key through a smartphone app and since it is using an integrated chip plus radio Frequency Identification, it is as safe and secure as any current payment cards.



Reported; “ At DS we are always looking at how we can credibly complement our customer’s active lifestyles, where staying connected and being able to easily interact with the world is key,” said the company’s UK marketing director, Mark Blundell.” With the DS contactless payment car key, we really feel we have achieved this.”


The payment card key will come as standard equipment for anyone who purchases a new compact DS3 Connected Chic model throughout September.  DS will be monitoring consumer sentiment in order to decide if the key should become a standard feature in the coming months and years.

This is the latest digital idea for a carmaker that has been inspired by the increased connectivity of modern life and objects.


Jaguar unveiled a new in-car app that is being used to pay for fuel when refilling at any Shell-brand gas station.  The app works with Apple pay or PayPal and was developed so that people don't need to go into the gas station to pay for fuel in person which can be a hassle especially refueling with children in the car.


Credit card companies such as Visa have already demonstrated a connected car system that could be used to order a meal from Pizza Hut from its touch screen and automatically pay for it. So all the driver has to do is pull into the restaurant’s parking lot where the order would be brought out instantly- same system also tells staff to which car each order belongs.

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