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Eboz/KriptekS works alone, claims to have defaced 90,000 webpages, compromised Gmail

A 21-year-old (or possibly 17 year-old) young man who goes by the hacker handles "eboz" or "KriptekS" defaced popular six-time Grammy award-winning electronic music/dubstep musician/DJ "Skrillex" (real name: Sonny Moore) early Wednesday morning.

The hacker posted his trademark calling card -- a whimsical image of two penguins at the end of a bridge, waddling into a fading sunset (sometimes there's only one penguin).  As usual the page was accompanied by a short poem:

Kankalarim hep yanimda arkadas içinde / Yanimda olmayan mi var çekimlik her nefeste
You always find a friend at their homie's side / Do you shoot straight (have no side-shots) with every breath?
The page also contains hidden text which reads:

I have nothing to do with Facebook, Twitter, or forum accounts.

Skrillex Homepage
Skrillex's homepage, as of Wed. night.

On his Twitter page, Skrillex (also known as the former singer of emo/screamo group From First to Last) expressed amusement at the hack, writing:
The defacement is only the latest of an estimated 90,000 sites that the Turkish hacker has hacked or defaced.  Records of his exploits can be found here [1][2][3].

SkrillexSkrillex agreed it was an honor to get hacked by eboz. [Image Source: World of Dance]

Among his most notable were “achievements” were hacks on "a few DNS/NS servers of facebook" and the alleged discovery of a zero day (unpublished) vulnerability in Google Inc.'s (GOOG) Gmail in August 2012.  He also used DNS attacks to redirect users to hacked pages for Google, Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO), Apple, Inc. (AAPL), The Coca-Cola Comp. (KO), and other top corporations' Pakistani (*.pk) webpages. In an interview eboz says he did the hack "to show [Pakistani "script kiddies"] they are not only ones hacking big targets on the planet.

The hacker was unabashed about his black hat efforts, in a TechCrunch interview bragging that he sells compromised, Inc. (FB) accounts and personal information in forums for thousands of dollars.  In the interview he says of his motives:

i am not a kid trying to get attention, just showing how the world’s biggest companies fails in security.... Trust me, there are such underground forums & communities in the deep web. deep web, is not accessed by regular users... Security doesn’t exist. and i have proved it.

He commented in that interview that he came close to being caught in a 2010 raid, but has been free of police scrutiny since.  Perhaps one reason for his relative safety is the fact that he always works alone.  Asked about his thoughts on the hacker/attack-scripting community Anonymous, he writes derisively:

anonymous? they are pathetic, have no web-hacking skill, mainly expertise at TCP/UDP DDoS attacks or botnets. anonymous are something, which i would like to call, 'freedom for the skiddies'. i have had bad-relations with anonymous in the past.

Ironically, some members of Anonymous seem rather awe-struck by Eboz's work; despite the insults YourAnonNews often posts on his exploits on Twitter:
Among the other interesting unsubstantiated claims made by the hacker include his claim that he knew a high level Russian hacker/coder who created the exploit code that underlies Duqu/Flame/Stuxnet virus, which he sold to the U.S. and Israeli governments to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and oil infrastructure.  Like Gary McKinnon (the UK's "UFO hacker"), he says he's hacked into the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration "a few times, tried getting evidence of UFOs." ... when he's not defacing musicians webpages, that is.

Sources: Skrillex, TechCrunch

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By half_duplex on 7/24/2013 11:10:02 AM , Rating: 5
So he roots a few ridiculously porous web servers, and now claims he hacked NASA and brokered the deal that gave Stuxnet to the US?


Why do we continue to see stories about these types on DT? These types are to hackers what Paris Hilton was to Hollywood. Lame.

RE: wannabe
By Motoman on 7/24/2013 12:33:03 PM , Rating: 5
Good hackers are the ones who do things that never get noticed. If you get in, get what you want, and get out without anyone ever knowing, then you're a good hacker.

The ones we hear about aren't the ones to be worried about.

RE: wannabe
By Ammohunt on 7/24/2013 12:40:29 PM , Rating: 2
Haven't you seen the movie hackers? aren't all hackers like those 733t dudes?

RE: wannabe
By half_duplex on 7/24/2013 2:41:32 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think he's too 733t, the hack victim was probably in on the whole thing. They probably set this up as a publicity stunt.

He's probably a zitty 27 year old who figured out how to font color and bgcolor the same with HTML.


RE: wannabe
By ForceCredit on 7/25/2013 10:08:55 AM , Rating: 2
I had just assumed they meant he put some text in an HTML comment.

This is the real news...
By Cheesew1z69 on 7/24/2013 12:48:37 PM , Rating: 2
popular six-time Grammy award-winning electronic music/dubstep musician/DJ "Skrillex" (real name: Sonny Moore) early Wednesday morning.
This crap got six Grammies? Unbelievable...

RE: This is the real news...
By kleinma on 7/24/2013 2:33:36 PM , Rating: 2
Im not a fan of his music, but if you took a list of everything that has won a grammy, how much of it would you really like?

RE: This is the real news...
By Cheesew1z69 on 7/24/2013 2:46:33 PM , Rating: 2
Not much, lol

Unless it's a real instrument being used, it's just not music IMO.

RE: This is the real news...
By Ammohunt on 7/24/2013 11:05:23 PM , Rating: 2
Tell that to Isao Tomita

RE: This is the real news...
By Alexvrb on 7/25/2013 3:23:40 AM , Rating: 2
But... imaginary instruments are the best!

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