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Logitech on the up amidst Microsoft bid talk

In the world of computer users, there are two types of mouse and keyboard users – those who prefer Microsoft and those who prefer Logitech. Oddly enough, Microsoft itself may prefer Logitech as stock traders speculated that the software giant would launch a takeover bid for the Swiss-based peripherals maker.

Shares of Logitech surged up to 12 percent based on the trader talk, despite comments from Logitech’s Daniel Borel expressing no desire to sell his stake in the company.

"I am a co-founder of Logitech. Would you be willing to sell your child?" Borel told Reuters in an interview. "I have no reason to sell. But I will not be the one to decide. I own only some 6 percent so I will neither enable nor prevent a sale of Logitech."

Buzz circulated in the market that Microsoft prepared a takeover bid of 48 francs per share for Logitech. "Rumours are rumours. I can't make any specific comment on them," Borel added.

Not everyone believes that the Logitech shares jump is a result of an impending takeover. "Today's share price rise is probably more related to a rebound in the market than any rumours," said an analyst at bank Vontobel.

Furthermore, even if Microsoft were interested in buying Logitech, the company would first need to overcome antitrust regulatory issues.

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Monopoly much?
By ImSpartacus on 1/11/2008 3:29:05 PM , Rating: 5
When in doubt, buy all your competator's companies.

RE: Monopoly much?
By FITCamaro on 1/11/2008 3:45:24 PM , Rating: 4
Honestly I don't think Microsoft has anything to fear from Logitech. Both companies make excellent products in the keyboard and mouse area. Granted Logitech does do more enthusiast level products while Microsoft usually sticks to products that everyone might want. I've got a wireless keyboard and mouse from both companies. Both work great. And if anything I'd give Microsoft an edge in the battery life department. I've had my Microsoft keyboard and mouse for a year now. Have only had to replace the batteries in the keyboard once. The mouse is still on the same set of batteries. And this is at work so they both get at least 8 hours of use, 5 days a week.

Honestly if Microsoft is looking to take over Logitech, then it would just be to add their expertise to Microsoft's own. They would also gain an excellent manufacturer of PC speakers which Microsoft currently lacks a business unit for (I believe).

RE: Monopoly much?
By FITCamaro on 1/11/2008 3:48:43 PM , Rating: 4
And honestly I'm not sure they would be able to buy Logitech. It would give them probably over 95% of the keyboard and mouse market.

I guess if I had to have an opinion about the takeover, I'd prefer Microsoft not take them over. Two separate companies will produce better products at a better price with the competition in the market place existing than if it doesn't.

RE: Monopoly much?
By TomZ on 1/11/2008 4:26:25 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think they would combine to that high of a marketshare. Last I remember, a few years back, is both companies each having in the 20-30% share.

RE: Monopoly much?
By darkpaw on 1/11/2008 4:33:57 PM , Rating: 5
Might be a large % of the high end kb/mouse market, but the vast majority of those products are produced at the ultracheap end.

Logitech and MS both have products at that end, but theres also tons of no name competitors that have a pretty good size share.

RE: Monopoly much?
By qwertyz on 1/13/08, Rating: -1
RE: Monopoly much?
By Magnus Dredd on 1/11/08, Rating: -1
RE: Monopoly much?
By xti on 1/11/2008 5:13:54 PM , Rating: 5
The spring in the wheel is so weak that I cannot scroll without clicking the middle mouse button.

Holy fat fingers batman!

RE: Monopoly much?
By Brockway on 1/12/2008 12:55:56 AM , Rating: 2
I have this problem too with their bluetooth laser intellimouse. You can accidently click it while scrolling, and you can accidently scroll while clicking. Its annoying as heck, especially since its a $70 mouse. I forget the designation, but its the grey steel one.

RE: Monopoly much?
By StevoLincolnite on 1/12/2008 2:05:27 PM , Rating: 2
And I'm still using a 5-Din Pin keyboard without that blasted Windows Key!
Seriously, Play a game and when you are button mashing trying to survive in an fps and you hit it on accident... Well I don't know about anyone else but all hell breaks loose on my end.

RE: Monopoly much?
By Clauzii on 1/14/2008 6:10:35 AM , Rating: 2
If on XP, You'll need this:

To disable use of the WIN-key in XP, open the registry and navigate to:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM\CurrentControlSetContro l\
Keyboard Layout].

Find the value 'Scancode Map'. Set its value to:

"00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 5B E0 00 00 5C E0 00 00 00 00"

RE: Monopoly much?
By dayanth on 1/14/2008 7:02:35 AM , Rating: 2
Well, INSTEAD of destroying your registry with editing it by hand, you can just go into your Control Panel->Keyboard->Key Settings Tab.

Then edit what the keys will or won't do on your Win-Key featured keyboard. :-)

RE: Monopoly much?
By spudboy23 on 1/14/2008 8:03:20 PM , Rating: 2
um, i edit the registry at least once a week on various machines and i have yet to "destroy" any of them. idk what is with the fear-mongering that people do about stuff like this. many KB articles on MS support site specifically tell you to edit the registry for resolution of various problems.

RE: Monopoly much?
By Vanilla Thunder on 1/14/2008 11:56:37 AM , Rating: 2
Or you can pickup a Logitech G11/15 which has a "gaming mode" switch that disables the Windows button on your board.


RE: Monopoly much?
By tastyratz on 1/15/08, Rating: 0
RE: Monopoly much?
By StevoLincolnite on 1/22/2008 5:31:04 AM , Rating: 4
I Apologies if no one is exactly perfect like you're self, and never make mistakes. - Maybe you might grow out of that ignorance one day.

RE: Monopoly much?
By Motley on 1/11/2008 5:16:29 PM , Rating: 3
I've never had a problem with the microsoft mice at all. Of course, they make like 12 different versions of the mouse, so it's quite possible that the one you have has a weaker middle button. But that is why they make 12 different ones. I'd guess buying a mouse with a more sensitive middle button when you obviously have dexterity problems would be a user error.

RE: Monopoly much?
By Chernobyl68 on 1/11/2008 5:58:15 PM , Rating: 2
I've used a Logitech trackman trackball-mouse for years, I hope if this deal goes though that something similiar is still offered.

RE: Monopoly much?
By glennpratt on 1/12/2008 11:32:35 AM , Rating: 2
I know what he's talking about and it's not dexterity problems, there are several mice I've used where it takes about equal force to click the middle mouse button as it does to scroll down and you will frequently do the opposite of what you intended.

Many Logitech mice have strong middle button resistance and almost no scroll resistance, so you will frequently scroll middle while clicking middle.

Yes you can train yourself not to, but really, should you have to?

RE: Monopoly much?
By Magnus Dredd on 1/14/2008 9:34:34 AM , Rating: 2
First off, the reason I buy the Logitech mice is because I used the cheapo versions in computer labs and other people's houses before I ever bought one. Even the cheap Logictech mice work well. The (I didn't purchase it) Dell OEM mouse that I use at work is a Logitech.

The reason that I disdain Microsoft mice is drawn from the same places. I have used other people's, and lab mice. Perhaps it's not all of them, however, almost all of the Microsoft mice I've touched has had ridiculously weak springs. Weak to the point that when doing IT work for people using them, I've noticed lots of inadvertent middle clicks by their owners.

Simply notice the number of replies above by people who know what I'm talking about.

So, given that I've never had this issue with ANY other brand of mouse, why the hell would I buy a Microsoft mouse, especially a more expensive one than the standard $10 to $15 Logitech one I normally buy?

Let's see... This mouse sucks, so I should try out the other mice this company offers until I find one they make that has a decent spring.... Screw that, I'll buy from a company that doesn't make ANY crappy mice.

RE: Monopoly much?
By PandaBear on 1/11/2008 9:21:33 PM , Rating: 3
On the contrary I like MS mouse better than Logitech. I think it is really a personal preference rather than one is crap the other is gold.

RE: Monopoly much?
By The Sword 88 on 1/13/2008 12:25:51 AM , Rating: 2
I agree I love my Logitech MX518 but MS makes some nice mice as well, as for keyboards, I dont care that much.

I do think both of them staying separate is best for the consumer though

RE: Monopoly much?
By djtodd on 1/14/2008 8:27:56 AM , Rating: 2
QFT. I'm on my second mx518 now and it's hands down the best mouse I've ever used.

RE: Monopoly much?
By Magnus Dredd on 1/14/2008 10:00:29 AM , Rating: 2
Actually My current favorite keyboard is an OEM IBM model. This one: I buy my keyboards for $1 or $2 each at salvage yards, generally new or in great condition. My last purchase was 5 of these (new in boxes) for $10. Previously I mostly bought the beige PS2 Dell Quiet touch keyboards.

The current Dell keyboards with the volume knob are ok, but the IBM's have a nicer feel to the keys, and they're also more flat in design.

Interestingly, for USB keyboards I like the Apple keyboards that used to come with the G4 Macs. This one: The Apple key is easily mapped as a Windows key. I don't like the last keyboard Apple made, and I really, really hate Apple's new keyboards.

RE: Monopoly much?
By winterspan on 1/12/08, Rating: -1
RE: Monopoly much?
By dluther on 1/13/2008 12:45:58 AM , Rating: 2
Both companies make excellent products. I've been using the Microsoft Natural keyboards for over 13 years now, and it has not only saved me from a horrible case of carpal tunnel syndrome, it has actually helped reverse those effects. Unfortunately, that particular design is not duplicated anywhere else.

Microsoft is probably suffering from growing pains in the peripheral business. It would be nice for them to own a subsidiary that only produces such peripherals (keyboards, mice, headsets, gaming accessories) because Microsoft is not a hardware company, but they do have very deep pockets.

Having to essentially devote a department or two to design and outsourcing manufacturing, and with their taking a page from Apple's playbook and closing the XBox 360, Microsoft's hardware division must be pulling their hair out.

I don't know who OEMs Microsoft's peripherals, but if it's a publicly traded company, that company's stock is probably taking a downturn. Certain OEM blogs surely will have mentioned a large customer not renewing standing orders or offering reduced guidance...

RE: Monopoly much?
By Wagnbat on 1/12/2008 5:31:38 PM , Rating: 2
Are OEM mice Microsoft or Logitech? Maybe... But I do also have razor mice, Kensington keyboards and blah blah blah.

But I don't think Microsoft should be allowed to acquire Logitech by US Monopoly laws. As mentioned above, between the two companies they own far too much of the market share, and though there are other companies, such a juggernaut would be hard to compete against except with 'niche' customers, like the gamers who currently enjoy 4000+ dpi gaming mice from Razor and OCZ.

The real loser here will be the general consumer. Microsoft loves to bully people around, and when those people don't play they buy them out or cut them off. One example is a recently failed MMO that was going to be fantastic. Microsoft was the producer and at the last minute said 'You're going to make this a Vista only game'. The company said FU and went with Sony instead. SoE as usual screwed the game to shat... But everyone knows SoE does that. The real perp here is MS with their greedy business tactics.

Last but not least, I don't know the specific market share between the two companies, but I'm sure selling peripherals is equally as lucrative for them remaining seperate. Every wireless peripheral for the 360 is made by MS aside from the most recent Guitar Hero III guitar. And every peripheral is required to work with Windows Vista (coincidence?).

By Sureshot324 on 1/11/2008 5:15:23 PM , Rating: 2
This would be bad for competition, but I don't mind that much, because Imho the best mice are made by neither microsoft or Logitech. My last mouse was a Razer Copperhead and my current is an OCZ Equalizer, and both are better than any MS or Logitech I've used.

RE: Mice
By ZaethDekar on 1/11/2008 6:03:47 PM , Rating: 2
I used to use a microsoft generic USB optical mouse.

Now I use the Razer Lycosa.

Deffinatly a big difference. However I still use the MS mouse for my secondary computer.

RE: Mice
By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 11:20:33 AM , Rating: 2
You can't seriously tell me a comparison between one of the cheapest Microsoft mouse and your Razer Lycosa is fair. Try one of the higher end Logitech products.

RE: Mice
By Quiescent on 1/11/2008 8:31:55 PM , Rating: 2
I feel that my Logitech MX Revolution is a very good mouse. Not as good as my boyfriend's MX158, but I can't handle the extremely high sensitivity he has it set on.

RE: Mice
By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 11:17:41 AM , Rating: 2
You get used to the sensitivity and after that it's less movement to use the pointer. IMHO, it makes for less energy expenditure after you get used to it.

RE: Mice
By Vinnybcfc on 1/14/2008 4:28:12 AM , Rating: 2
Wish they would produce the G7 again brillant mouse, cant understand why they stopped

RE: Mice
By Quiescent on 1/14/2008 10:27:41 AM , Rating: 2
I heard there was a lot of battery issues with the G7. For some reason after awhile it wouldn't hold a charge.

RE: Mice
By Goty on 1/11/2008 11:09:08 PM , Rating: 3
Razer mice are very hit or miss; many people find them to be uncomfortable to use. It really depends on how you use your mouse; i.e. are you a finger-tipper or a palmer?

RE: Mice
By BruceLeet on 1/13/2008 3:06:11 AM , Rating: 2
My girlfriend is a palmer

RE: Mice
By EricMartello on 1/12/2008 4:24:57 PM , Rating: 4
I recently broke my well-loved Logitech MX1000 - it survived over 2 years of "aggressive" gaming. I was very disappointed to see that the MX1000 was discontinued and replaced with MX Revolution. I tried that one, didn't like it much. The metal scroll wheel was different, but the mouse couldn't stand up to my style of gaming. :P Next I tried a Razer was a very good mouse, but I didn't like the way it felt in my hands. It's like my fingers couldn't be curved, they had to be straight, and it was very uncomfortable. I broke that one in about a month...and now I use a Razer Death Adder. I like this one - it feels very good in my hand and the tracking is excellent. I also got the exactmat which made the whole thing even better.

RE: Mice
By Quiescent on 1/14/2008 10:33:09 AM , Rating: 2
I had to get a little bit used to my MX Revolution. The strange thing is, is that my parents and sisters are able to get used to the mouse quickly, even on medium settings.
I have no idea why the mouse is priced at $99.99, it is not worth the money at all, however, this may be because of the battery life which is better than a lot of other things I own.

For a time, I could complain that the metal scroll was too cold, lol. However, I really liked how you can have a notched scroll or a smooth scroll. And scrolling with it is very fast. If you scroll the scrollbar real fast, it goes smooth scrolling, which is great for when you're scrolling up in IRC to see what people are saying while you're gone.

By JosefTor on 1/11/2008 4:05:47 PM , Rating: 2
Oh Microsoft... please don't. I actually get great support from Logitech other then your barely english speaking support with scripts.

I had a Logitech mouse charger break for me (that was part of a wireless mouse and keyboard set). I didn't know exactly when I purchased the mouse but I told Logitech it was about a year or two. Even though I didn't know when I purchased it, they sent me an upgraded mouse and keyboard set. That makes me a loyal customer to Logitech now. I have an Xbox 360 and can't even get basic solutions to its problems.

RE: Don't
By TomZ on 1/11/08, Rating: -1
RE: Don't
By ZaethDekar on 1/11/2008 6:01:20 PM , Rating: 3
I am sorry but one companies tech support is not the same as another.

You said you called Sony. How is that remotly close to Logitech?

RE: Don't
By TomZ on 1/11/08, Rating: -1
RE: Don't
By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 3:36:13 PM , Rating: 1
It's called relevance. Try to keep your posts relevant. Writing about a Sony call when discussing Logitech is like talking about pork belly futures when you're trying to give a presentation about attention deficit disorder.

RE: Don't
By RMSistight on 1/11/08, Rating: 0
RE: Don't
By TomZ on 1/11/2008 7:24:44 PM , Rating: 2
It was actually a camcorder.

RE: Don't
By Quiescent on 1/11/08, Rating: 0
RE: Don't
By Zoomer on 1/12/2008 7:56:49 AM , Rating: 2
They actually have pretty nice sub 14" laptops, or 14" laptops with higher end (read: not Intel) graphics.

RE: Don't
By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 11:24:28 AM , Rating: 1
Not unbelievable. You bought Sony. What did you expect? They think their products are so amazing that if they don't work it's the customer's fault. Well, they got that impression by people lining up to buy their substandard products. Next time consider Canon. That's a company that makes quality products.

RE: Don't
By sheh on 1/12/2008 8:59:02 PM , Rating: 2
My experience with Logitech support wasn't good.

When my iFeel MouseMan started having button trouble at the end of its 5 years warranty (other problems started much earlier but I didn't want to go through replacement and lived with them), I contacted their EU support.

At first it looked promising. The mouse was purchased abroad and I didn't have any purchase proof, but they didn't seem to care and just said I'd need to cut the end of the USB cord, send it to them, and they'll send a replacement. I was pleasantly surprised.

Then they found out they didn't have any more of that model and offered instead a low-mid-end alternative. I refused and said I wanted something with features similar to what I had, and they suggested a different low-mid-end alternative that was still unsatisfactory. I found their inferior replacement suggestions insulting.

So now, for me, Logitech = overpriced, low quality, useless warranty.

awesome. SOMEONE needs to fix setpoint!
By crleap on 1/11/2008 9:04:10 PM , Rating: 2
that would be wonderful.. logitech's hardware is awesome but their setpoint software is abysmal to the lowest degree. awful, horrible, terrible software. Maybe MS can fix the software so the Logitech HW can shine like it should.

By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 11:33:33 AM , Rating: 2
True, but Intellipoint is not much better.

By qdemn7 on 1/14/2008 1:00:20 AM , Rating: 2
They just issued an update for Setpoint 4.24. It's now up to 4.24.99. It fixes the problem of the tabs not appearing.

You are right though, Setpoint is terrible. Bloated and unreliable.

My other big gripe is the proprietary nature of Logitech's mice. They don't work with KVMs, other than as a 3 button mouse, and Logitech will not fix the problem.

By Aikouka on 1/17/2008 3:48:17 PM , Rating: 2
That's the one thing I thought of when I first read this. I pretty much think that Logitech has the better hardware out of the two, but the worst software. Microsoft's hardware isn't as good (note that I'm not saying it's horrible, but remember... 99 isn't as good as a 100!), but I've usually had no problems with Microsoft's (peripheral) software.

I normally just buy Logitech devices and ignore the software. Right now I'm using a G5 mouse and a G15 keyboard, which I am pretty pleased with overall :).

who buys keyboards and mice?
By loomis2 on 1/11/2008 9:45:19 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think I have purchased a keyboard or mouse for 10 years. I guess I bought one when they dumped the stupid ball and went with lasers, but that's it. Heck, they never break and all computers come with one. The computer I'm using now was built by me and I just used an old keyboard and mouse from a previous computer. I guess what I am trying way too hard to say is, how lucrative is this market anyway?

RE: who buys keyboards and mice?
By Clauzii on 1/11/2008 10:59:40 PM , Rating: 2
I have a 5-6 years (who counts :) old wireless Logitech Key/Mouse hooked up to my Studio PC. In free view it reaches at least 6 meters, runs 4-6 months avg. on a set of batteries, and is rock sturdy despite the plastic and all. I'll guess it's three times heavier than the one I'm using on my work PC right now.

Bought that 2 years ago. Wired, optical, 540dpi and dropped a 'thousand times'. Rock solid. Made in China - $4 :))
I used to have a $4 keyboard too (also China). Piece of crap. Lasted two months. Bought a wired Logitech 'something' for way too much, but will hopefully work in 5 years too.

I'm not the type switching keys and mouse just to get the 'newer and better'. If it works - use it :)

RE: who buys keyboards and mice?
By Clauzii on 1/11/2008 11:01:49 PM , Rating: 2
Oh forgot some words:

"I'll guess >the mouse is< three times heavier than the one I'm using on my work PC right now."

RE: who buys keyboards and mice?
By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 11:29:30 AM , Rating: 2
I've had a high end Microsoft mouse and a few high end Logitech ones. They have a different philosophy on weight. Microsoft likes to make theirs light and easy to handle while Logitech prefers heavier designs in general. I didn't like the extra weight when I switched to Logitech initially, but I got used to it and now I think it's not so bad to have that extra weight. Overall I prefer the Logitech any day.

Up 12%?
By skyyspam on 1/11/2008 3:41:52 PM , Rating: 2
It's down nearly 8%. Hrm.

RE: Up 12%?
By gramboh on 1/11/2008 3:50:36 PM , Rating: 2
So whoever was creating the rumour and buying a bunch earlier in the day sold their position and it came back down :)

RE: Up 12%?
By TomZ on 1/11/2008 3:51:44 PM , Rating: 1
The broader market's down pretty bad today, so even if there was positive news and/or speculation, the stock might still be down.

RE: Up 12%?
By Griswold on 1/11/2008 4:16:29 PM , Rating: 1
Thats because DT is (once again) a day late. This is yesterdays news.

RE: Up 12%?
By Griswold on 1/16/2008 10:58:51 AM , Rating: 1
And whoever the clueless fuck is who rates factual postings down: nya-nya-nya.

Sell 94% of your child
By lennylim on 1/11/2008 7:02:43 PM , Rating: 2
"I am a co-founder of Logitech. Would you be willing to sell your child?"

"I own only some 6 percent"

He obviously sold most of it in the past.

RE: Sell 94% of your child
By robber98 on 1/12/2008 3:37:45 AM , Rating: 2
Not necessary. 6% isn't a small number for a single person owing a company stock. FYI, Bill Gate owns about 9% of MS's stock.

RE: Sell 94% of your child
By TiberiusKane on 1/13/2008 1:29:08 PM , Rating: 2
Well, technically, though I don't know how much he originally owned compared to the other co-founders, this co-founder probably originally owned a bigger chunk than 6%. Even if he didn't sell his shares after the company became public, the IPO process diluted his founding ownership, thereby "selling" shares of "his child" to the public.

Just a thought
By crystal clear on 1/12/2008 11:35:33 AM , Rating: 2
Shares of Logitech surged up to 12 percent based on the trader talk, despite comments from Logitech’s Daniel Borel expressing no desire to sell his stake in the company.

Traders & Analyst are more concerned about themselves rather than anybody else.
All they are cpncerned is about their profit taking-speculation is the name of the game.

Boosting activity-buy/sell brings in those broker/trader commisions

As for Microsoft-now lets be realistic-do they really have to buy out Logitech ?
Buy up the competitor sounds good-but it will give others the necessary impetus to enter the market,ever thought about Apple ?
Apple is capable of entering the market with a new stylish/
sleek designer mouse & keyboard, with all functionalities in it.

I think the moneys paid to buy up Logitech would be better used in R&D,design teams & marketing by Microsoft.

R&D is the best investment for todays economic climate.

RE: Just a thought
By TomZ on 1/12/2008 4:25:17 PM , Rating: 1
I see what you're saying, but on the other hand, if Microsoft can instantly double their marketshare for the cost of $5-10B, it might be worth it for them. I would think it would be hard for them to accomplish the same marketshare gain through R&D/innovation in that market.

RE: Just a thought
By crystal clear on 1/12/2008 6:27:16 PM , Rating: 2
Marketshare yes at what cost ?

If you do the calculations for that amount of money approx,does it recover your investment instantly-I doubt.

Yes take a majority stake say 51%, ok fine if you have spare cash sitting idle that you wish to put to use.

If you think longterm then R&D + design teams give you the returns,given the fact new technologies are fast coming in.

I would not be surprised to hear one day the keyboard/mouse becomes obselete,because new technologies ranging from-
Surface computing/touch screens to text to speech & its reverse form speech to text to technologies used in tablets(laptops),etc etc being developed mainly by start ups in Israel to USA.

Put the cash venture capitalist style in start ups that could/can/able to give you the stuff to compete in the future.

Given the economic forecast for 2008,the USA is expected to enter into recession,which will have the spill over effect over other major world economies.

Consumer spending is expected to fall drastically for the full year.

Putting aside economics which is a topic by itself-the future is R&D with start ups giving you the real stuff.

Invest in Start ups, thats the future.

Nice discussing with you Tom.

By Murst on 1/11/08, Rating: 0
RE: Cisco
By BrownJohn on 1/11/2008 3:27:55 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe you had them confused with Linksys? Linksys is owned by Cisco.

RE: Cisco
By Murst on 1/11/2008 5:03:25 PM , Rating: 2
Yep, that's it :)

By ciparis on 1/11/2008 4:43:36 PM , Rating: 2
Merging the input device product lines would be one thing, but the biggest strategic reason I can see for Microsoft doing this would be to dramatically expand the accessories market for the Zune.

The worldwide iPod accessories and integration infrastructure is one of the most difficult nuts to crack for any media-player competitor. Buying a company that makes a lot of the stuff and has extremely wide distribution channels is a good first step.

By sxr7171 on 1/12/2008 11:31:29 AM , Rating: 2
Partner. Not buy. I mean do they really have to buy a company to have a meaningful relationship with it?

Why not?
By mcnabney on 1/11/2008 3:32:03 PM , Rating: 2
They do have a rather large pile of cash. Might as well invest it.

Say Goodbye
By SavagePotato on 1/11/2008 6:18:39 PM , Rating: 2
That would most likely mean goodbye to Logitech's line of Playstation peripherals, including some of the best wheels and only ps3 keyboards with ps3 function buttons on the market.

I prefer Logitech's mice, the G7 cordless to be exact, and Microsoft's ergonomic 4000 keyboard.

What happened to Microsoft's talk about becoming a company that makes it's own products again, instead of gobbling up other companies to get them.

For the love of God... NO!
By bigboxes on 1/11/2008 7:51:28 PM , Rating: 2
I agree with FITCamero on this one.

More than mouse and keyboard
By jeromekwok on 1/11/2008 8:48:43 PM , Rating: 2
I think Microsoft wants Logitech's innovation on various accessories, like Zune docking speakers, Xbox 360 controllers, MCE remote controls. Apple is good at attracting accessories makers, and Microsoft needs improvement.

Might not be a bad thing
By SunLord on 1/11/2008 10:26:14 PM , Rating: 2
Given how crappy Logitechs drivers and software can be MS can't do any worse. Hell we'd get proper Bluetooth at least

By sgtdisturbed47 on 1/12/2008 8:31:44 PM , Rating: 2
I find this to be a bit ridiculous. If it happens, there will be no competition, no price differences between 2 competing companies, and that leaves us consumers in a one-sided market. I can understand a company's need/want to grow and expand, but could they kindly leave Logitech out of this? It's not just the keyboards and mice, it's the many other accessories including computer speakers.

I love the competition, and I love the products that are made BECAUSE of competition. Without it, we end up having to use Razor Diamondback mice.....

Matching quality
By nothingtoseehere on 1/12/2008 10:26:25 PM , Rating: 2
Recent logitech hardware has been of such low quality that I stopped buying it (an expensive logitech wireless keyboard and mouse broke after a year of very light use... )

In that light, Logitech and Microsoft are a match made in ... somewhere.

Microsoft mulls buying Logitech
By NoNoBadDog on 1/14/2008 2:16:13 AM , Rating: 2
I hope this is not true! Logitech is an innovator and leader in the peripherals market, particularly keyboards, mice and remote controls. Microsoft is completely out of touch when it comes to what customers want in this arena! Microsoft products are cheaply made and not worth the prices charged for them!

This is one deal that I certainly hope does not go through!

By Krantz on 1/15/2008 1:49:56 PM , Rating: 2
If this is true and Microsoft realy Does buy Logitech then I will never buy one of their products, ever again!

Ballmer... makes me lol
By Silverel on 1/11/2008 4:01:23 PM , Rating: 1
Not that he had anything to do with it, but he does look like an ape hooting in joy over the whole idea.

Maybe the guy from the "Leave Britney Alone!" video would be just as good. I like Logitech, they make good stuff, and are a good competitor. I think the hopes that M$ could buy them were pretty short-lived. You're only allowed so much of the pie before the govt. starts telling you no. Gotta let the competition grow a bit before clearing the battlefield with another buyout.

"This week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls." -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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