Toshiba's HD-XA1

Toshiba's HD-A1
Toshiba will wait for more content to be available before launching HD-DVD player

In a recent story by, it is reported that Toshiba Corp. America may be holding off on their HD-DVD player launch again, this time to work with movie studios to release both hardware and content side-by-side. By holding off as opposed to releasing the HD-DVD player before the first wave of HD-DVD content begins shipping in April, Toshiba predicts higher sales on its players.

Toshiba says that releasing its HD-DVD players too early does not make sense as no content is available at this time. Toshiba will be launching two models, the HD-XA1 and the HD-A1 along with movie titles from studios such as Warner Home Video which is quoted to say that its first titles on HD-DVD will include Million Dollar Baby and The Phantom of the Opera. Both titles have a scheduled release date of April 18th.

Sony's BDP-S1 Blu-ray format player is also slated for a Q2 2006 release along with titles from Sony Pictures but not until May. Sony is also using the Blu-ray media with PlayStation 3 games later this year.

Toshiba's HD-XA1 will have a retail price of about $800 at launch while the HD-A1 model will hold a $500 price tag. Sony's BDP-S1 Blu-ray player will retail for about $1000 and is on preorder at various etailers.

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