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64GB flash module innards  (Source: Toshiba)
Apple is likely to benefit from Toshiba's latest NAND flash development

Advances in NAND flash technology are coming at a rapid pace these days. One of the leaders in the market is Toshiba, and the company today has announced its efforts to bring a new 64GB NAND flash module to the market.

The new 64GB package is composed of 16 32Gb NAND chips built using a 32nm manufacturing process and also incorporates a dedicated memory controller. Toshiba is already sampling the 64GB module and it expects mass production to begin during Q1 of 2010.

Predictably, Toshiba says that the new high-capacity chip is aimed at smartphones, notebooks, and digital video cameras. However, the most high profile devices likely to use the new chips will be future mobile products from Apple.

Apple's current range topping iPod touch and iPhone 3GS models use 32GB NAND flash modules. The iPod touch uses two modules to achieve its 64GB capacity, while the iPhone 3GS only has room for one module (due to its added wireless radios) making its maximum storage capacity just 32GB. This latest development from Toshiba will being maximum capacity for next generation iPod touch and iPhone models to 128GB and 64GB respectively.

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