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BestBuy stores are getting limited supplies of Toshiba's HD-DVD player

Toshiba's many times delayed HD-A1, HD-DVD player has finally been shipped to retail locations including BestBuy even though titles are not yet available. Ron-P from Surf City, CA, a member of the AVSForum website, has thrown down his cash for the set top player, about $578.73 including a $40 service plan and tax in his market.

Toshiba's HD-DVD players began shipping in Japan the last of March and the American consumer market has been waiting on the devices since their announcement. With a few delays due to reasons of content availability and some premature launch date announcements, the player is finally here in the US.

Content is expected within the next few weeks, but many are not completely optimistic as HD-DVD titles have been delayed a few times already.

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