Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD Player
Toshiba selling standalone HD DVD player for under $300

One of the biggest divides between high-definition and standard definition movies is the price of the machines required to play them. While DVD players on the market today are incredibly affordable, high definition players are rapidly dropping in price.

As if July 1, Toshiba is permanently reducing the suggested price of its entry-level HD-A2 to $299 and its mid-range HD-A20 to $399, reports Video Business. The top-tier HD-XA2, however, will remain at $799.

“We know that price is a powerful driver for consumers to adopt new technology,” said Jodi Sally, VP of marketing at Toshiba America Consumer Products.

Ken Graffeo, executive VP of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, also echoed those statements, saying that price is the biggest motivating factor for consumers when it comes to buying a player.

The Toshiba HD-A2 and HD-A20 machines were previously available at those price points, but only after a now-expired $100 rebate. On top of the new pricing, Toshiba is offering five-free movies on all new player purchases until July 31.

On the other side of the high-def format war, the Blu-ray Disc camp has also been dropping prices and offering incentives. Sony dropped the price of its BDP-S300 to $499, and is also offering five free movies with all new Blu-ray players, including the PlayStation 3.

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