False advertising is a no-no says Time Warner

Time Warner took DirecTV into court this week over what Time Warner claimed as "false advertising" by DirecTV. According to reports, DirecTV had placed ads in several regions across the U.S. claiming that customers would not be able to watch certain NFL football games without subscribing to its services.

While the ads did not target Time Warner's services directly, they were strategically placed in areas where team loyalty would help drive up customer subscriptions. The ads by DirecTV claimed that certain areas would not be able to watch their local teams play.

Representatives from Time Warner commented that "these false ads were obviously targeted at markets where DirecTV believes that loyalty to the local football team will drive consumer purchasing decisions."

DirecTV football ads have been placed in newspapers in major U.S. cities but Time Warner is suing DirecTV for its televsion ads as well. Featuring William Shatner and Jessica Simpson, DirecTV ads indicate that its high-definition service is better than those of Time Warner's. DirecTV representatives did not respond to questioning.

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone.” -- Steve Jobs

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