TW says CableCARDS can only be used in TV sets

An email response from a Time Warner representative has indicated to a user that TW is under no obligation to support TiVo devices and at the current time, TW will not support TiVo devices on its network. According to TW, TiVo devices harm the TW business and the company would rather users use CableCARDs with TV sets that are ready to accept them. The news of this response follows TiVo's recent announcement that its Series3 dual CableCARD DVR will be ready to ship soon. However, the email from TW said:

As Time Warner's email response indicated, TIVO devices compete with some of the converters and/or "on-demand" type services they provide. Like all other businesses, video service providers are under no obligation to assist or support their competition. I'm sure they feel that placing cards in televisions will help their business, and that placing them in TIVO type devices will harm their business.

Despite the lack of support for TiVo devices, customers are still requesting for support. Analysts indicated that many networks feel that DVRs hurt advertising revenue. In response to this, TiVo recently announced that it will perform a long-term study into TV ads and how TiVo users respond to ads, whether they skip or watch them.

With the new ad studying division, TiVo hopes to sign on major advertising agencies and promote interest among network providers. A number of companies have already expressed interest in TiVo's new study, and include Universal Pictures and McDonald's as well as others.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher
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