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Wikipedia IP addresses and leaked memos indicate TigerDirect has some big moves for 2008

CompUSA and TigerDirect have always been unusual bedfellows.  Both faced serious inquiry by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and respective Better Business Bureaus over botched rebate promotions.  Just months later, in 2006, CompUSA outlined its plan to reduce some of its brick-and-mortar presence.  Just one year later, the chain announced it would close 126 of its stores.

After this first set of closures, TigerDirect began purchasing select CompUSA locations, mostly across Chicago.  Local Chicago rival CDW also capitalized on CompUSA's uncertain future, building new retail locations just blocks away from marked CompUSAs. 

Gordon Brothers Group, the liquidation firm handling the closure of KB Toys stores, acquired the remaining 103 CompUSA locations on December 7, 2007.  The next day, the company announced it would close its doors for good in 2008, just after the holiday buying season.

Immediately after, sources close to TigerDirect and CompUSA relayed a flurry of memos between the two companies and a third company, DJM Realty, discussing terms for large-scale purchases of CompUSA property.  DJM Reality, as it turns out, is owned by Gordon Brothers Group and handles the firm's real estate liquidations.

Neither company seems bashful about discussing the new retail locations.  On January 3, 2008, the IP address added the following entry to Wikipedia under TigerDirect.
In late December of 2007, Tiger Direct bought out a select number of CompUSA's stores near their Miami location. CompUSA's Deerfield Beach store has been confirmed as one of those locations.
At the time of publication, resolved to, an IP address that routes through Addison, Texas.  CompUSA's headquarters resides in Addison, Texas.  Wikipedia recognizes this address as the proxy server for CompUSA. 

Before the Gordon Brothers acquisition on December 7, 2007, the same IP made various entries in Wikipedia regarding the impending closure of its stores.  Two days later, some of these entries were verified by Gordon Brothers.

Is TigerDirect poised to take over the remaining CompUSA stores?  It seems all but official that Tiger will acquire at least some of the CompUSA brick-and-mortar stores, as it did in the past.  The only question at this point remains, "How many?"

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Nice tradeoff...
By frobizzle on 1/4/2008 11:38:16 AM , Rating: 4
CompUSA, where you never pay less than retail, being replaced in a few select area by TigerDirect, where every low price is after a rebate that may or may not ever come.

Thanks, but I'll stick with NewEgg

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By Screwballl on 1/4/2008 12:11:33 PM , Rating: 5
agreed... the EGG has never failed me. The only people that ever have problems with the EGG are the ones who didn't read the rules or screwed up the item due to user error.

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By johnbuk on 1/4/2008 12:47:02 PM , Rating: 3
Never had any problems with TigerDirect or NewEgg. Like with any other retailer, you have to research both products and prices to get a good deal.

I actually prefer TigerDirect over NewEgg only because TigerDirect has a distribution center not too far from where I live and most orders from them arrive overnight even when I only pay for cheap shipping.

I agree that TigerDirect's rebates suck, but my experience with getting rebates out of them hasn't been any different than getting rebates out of many other retailers. I generally avoid rebated purchases except in rare cases because I hate jumping through all the hoops it takes to get them.

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By Ringold on 1/4/2008 3:05:10 PM , Rating: 2
That's actually a problem for me, TigerDirect's locations. They've got whatever presence in Florida that is necessary for me to have to pay sales tax (they have had it for years, I've always had to pay it with TD); that gives NewEgg an instant 7% price advantage. That can be hard to overcome.

Add in the rebate messes and inferior (in my experience, your mileage may vary) customer support, and NewEgg is my default place to look first for all tech goods.

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By johnbuk on 1/4/2008 5:03:01 PM , Rating: 2
The sales tax would be a deal breaker, but "not too far away" for me is just across the state line, thus no sales tax and quick shipping.

I've heard enough negative about TigerDirect to be cautious, but I guess I've been fortunate in that everything I've ordered from them has arrived well packaged, intact, and within 2 days.

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By mindless1 on 1/4/2008 11:06:01 PM , Rating: 2
Newegg has 3 day shipping on most items, IMO one day difference is the least of the reasons to pick one or the other.

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By christojojo on 1/8/2008 8:43:49 PM , Rating: 2
So far in my own experience both companies (Egg n Tigers (lol sounds like a new restaurant)) have treated me very well. I have bought some nice refurbished PC from Tigers w/o a hitch and no sales tax to boot. Egg has sold me an MP3 player an 3 sticks of ddr 400 ram of which 2 out of three have died within months of purchase. I have exchanged one w/o problem (took less than a week from notice to delivery) One I have not tried yet (lost packaging).

As far as rebates go I always treat them as crap shoots since most re and e tailers are notoriously bad at rebates. I have had problems with JC ponies, Ksmears, Wally World, CompUsa, Adequate Buy, and several others. ( After a while it's "wake me up when you're done honey.")

The points of concern for me about TigersUSA deal are
1 Sales taxes (at 8.75 % yuck)
2 Prices for B&M's are always terrible here in the land of the loosing teams (Buffalo for you slow witted readers).

P.s.. Yes I have tried to move out of here but they keep sending me back.

RE: Nice tradeoff...
By badmoodguy on 1/4/08, Rating: 0
RE: Nice tradeoff...
By chedrz on 1/4/2008 3:58:57 PM , Rating: 2
Tiger Direct is horrible. I'm never shopping with them again after the last two orders I placed. The first one disappeared into the depths of their computers, never to be seen again by them. However, it's still processing in my account, after 6 months. The last one (a cpu heatsink, mind you) shipped in a box smaller than the actual packaging it was in. Needless to say, it arrived smashed and damaged, and the package was not only broken open, it was missing parts!!! I'm done with them for good, and most of my friends are, too.

Sounds good
By HrilL on 1/4/2008 11:48:29 AM , Rating: 3
Since compUSA was the only big computer store left in my town I hope tiger Direct snatches it up. I bet they will since our store was one that preformed very well.

RE: Sounds good
By anotherdude on 1/4/2008 2:29:21 PM , Rating: 3
Agreed. I'm in the same boat. Look, I want a local PC store of some kind. Buying from Newegg is my preferred means but sometimes I like to browse and sometimes I like to get it NOW and I am quite willing to pay a little extra for that.

CompUSA near me
By fic2 on 1/4/2008 4:14:18 PM , Rating: 2
There is a CompUSA on the way to/from work and I have stopped by there occasionally during their going out of business "sale". It has been 10-30% off since the beginning and idiots are actually buying stuff. I think that the prices were jacked up the day before the sale. I couldn't find anything at a better price than I could find it online.

RE: CompUSA near me
By Joz on 1/4/2008 5:27:20 PM , Rating: 1
Thats the point of brick and motor, they have to already charge more for overhead, but when its the same price as online, something new happens.

1. You dont have to pay shipping.
2. You get it Right then and there without waiting.

Example: Newegg is selling a eVGA 7900GS for $109, and CompUSA going out of buisness has a BFG 7900GS for $115, which one would you buy?

The CompUSA one, since shipping on newegg will bring it up above that, and you get it right then and there.

But if Tiger does buy CompUSA...Fuck...I dont have any near me anymore, they all went under last year T_T and new stores are already in most of them.

NewEgg for life.

RE: CompUSA near me
By TomZ on 1/4/2008 5:41:42 PM , Rating: 2
1. Very rarely does the local price come close to prices I can find online

2. The sales tax is almost always more than shipping costs, at least for items where comparison shopping makes sense, e.g., $100 and above (most of the time shipping is included for free anyway)

3. The local selection is only a small fraction of what can be easily ordered online

Therefore, I buy practically nothing locally, and instead, I order nearly everything online, at least in terms of tech purchases.

not so much...
By wetwareinterface on 1/5/2008 5:53:45 AM , Rating: 1
comp usa
limited selection on mid-range parts, no upper end parts
10-30% markup over fry's or newegg
15% restocking fees for any returns
poorly trained sales staff, cashiers, and management
bad comapny policies such as offering rebate discounts they knew would never be honored etc...

tiger direct
limited selection on mid range parts, almost no selection on upper end parts
10-15% markup over newegg and frys
returns are your responsibilty on shipping costs
poorly trained shipping staff, customer service people
bad company policies such as offering rebate discounts they knew would never be honored etc...

wow can't wait for the tiger direct "changeover" should make the shopping experience so much better now they have to add brick and morter overhead pricing and extra employees they don't know how to train either.

oh wait frys is 1/2 hour away and newegg is at www.... hmm do i get it now and pay $5 more at frys or get it slightly cheaper from newegg and wait a few days...

RE: not so much...
By Sungpooz on 1/5/2008 7:16:41 PM , Rating: 2
Tiger does have the occasional steal deal...

They're nowhere near as bad as CompUSA is!

Look at this: 6200 AGP8x from PNY

90 bucks at COMPUSA:

55 bucks at Tiger:

There's your proof. Tiger isn't all that bad.

RE: not so much...
By frobizzle on 1/6/2008 7:00:27 PM , Rating: 2
Great example in your link!

We're sorry, the product you have searched for is no longer available for sale.

Try picking something that is not a clearance item next time. I still maintain that TigerDirect with their shady rebates on everything is a waste of time.

Makes Sense
By AlvinCool on 1/4/2008 11:36:39 AM , Rating: 2
The type of customers is the same. Buying the best locations then putting the same type of merchandise with an even better selection makes good sense. The major plus for Tigerdirect will be the ability to offer their web sales without shipping if the customer wants to wait a few days, and usually they will. It will dominate other stores for PC parts. I mean sure Best Buy offers parts, but nothing like Tigerdirect. So all they would have to do is stock what Bestbuy stocks, and offer tons more virtually. Doing that would ensure they make money if they take the best locations. Frankly it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

RE: Makes Sense
By wonderhat7 on 1/17/2008 7:49:23 PM , Rating: 2
let me just take a minute to point out the irony that the third richest man in the world is mexican

Tiger Direct is OK
By Chaser on 1/4/2008 11:42:43 AM , Rating: 2
But their prices are significantly higher than Frys or most other online merchants.

RE: Tiger Direct is OK
By diego10arg on 1/4/2008 5:09:52 PM , Rating: 2
I bought a VS 28" LCD Monitor last July, it is stil working fine and I got it there much cheaper than from other retailers. This LCD has travelled over than 7000km to Argentina and as I stated before, is still functional :D

This is my experience with TD.

I can just imagine it now...
By kileil on 1/4/2008 11:40:49 AM , Rating: 3
You walk to the checkout lane with your purchase. At the counter they suddenly snatch the item from your hands and tell you to pick up "your item" 30 minutes away at the UPS depot.

But its only open from 8pm-8:30pm. You cancel dinner plans to get there, and you're handed something entirely different that what you paid for. Also, its obviously been used. And of course they won't handle returns at the store, you have to call 1-800-lol-tigr and wait 30 minutes to be accosted by someone with an unintelligible accent who you suspect just insulted your mother in their garbled speak.

At least the experience will be comfortably familiar...

Unholy Alliance
By flyboy84 on 1/4/2008 2:40:56 PM , Rating: 3
Wow, and David Horowitz thought that radical Islam and the American left was an unholy alliance...

"I'd be pissed too, but you didn't have to go all Minority Report on his ass!" -- Jon Stewart on police raiding Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home
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