Ticket master in the near future will be capable of admitting a person to live events and track their movement using a discrete digital audio broadcast from their smartphone.

The ticketing giant Ticket master has collaborated with Lisnr, a data-over-audio company that applies an ultrasonic sound technology called smart-tones to broadcast information between devices. Lisnr which was Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio around 2012, has produced up to $14 million following its inception and has some notable backers, with inclusion such as Intel that guided its $10 million series B round back in 2015. As one of the largest global distributors and vendors, Ticketmaster is an important achievement for Lisnr as it views to broaden its technology in the real world.

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Lisnr’s technology application will be to activate attendee’s verification for several millions of tickets. However, the validation has at present begun in some venues, with Lisnr expressing that it will take up to 4 years for the process to complete globally. Succinctly, Lisnr’s smart-tones comprise of audio signals in the range of 18.75 kHz and 19.2 kHz and are absolutely in audible to greater than 90 percent of human population. As a person approaches the venue, with his or her smartphone out as it conveys the ticketing data, that gets detected by a scanner and confirms the person identity, in this manner accelerating the entry process.

As reported by Lisnr, limited amount is needed to support smart tones in conditions of venue infrastructure. Fraud prevention is another analysis inclined for Ticketmaster’s attraction to the technology. The powered tickets by Lisnr are tethered to not only a person’s account but with the person’s smartphone as well, in essence the venue can be always sure of who is at the show. Additionally, this gives Ticketmaster greater control over the reseller market for fans who could not attend a live event.

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Explicit to Ticketmaster’s live event endeavors, future plans for Lisnr’s technology would include supporting attendees to purchase items in venues using their smart-tone tickets instead of using NFC or a credit card. in addition, the Technology will also permit venues to send proximity based messaging to attendees, which in turn can aid artist engagement with their fans or venues attempting to raise up their incomes by selling merchandise.

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