TiVo says "soon" but no new date has been set

According to a filing with the FCC, TiVo is currently in the final stages of testing its Series3 DVR set top box. The filing indicated that the new Series3 is already in the hands of several select consumers across the country.

The new Series3 from TiVo is a dual CableCARD tuner, capable of supporting two independent single stream UDCP CableCARD hosts. The product can also act as a single CableCARD device. Many DVR fans have been waiting for the Series3 from TiVo since it was announced more than a year ago.

The filing claims that "During each of these meetings, TiVO provided a progress report on its Series3 ("S3") HD DVR that has been verified as digital cable ready by CableLabs. TiVo expressed appreciation for cooperation of CableLabs in moving through the verification process in a timely manner."

TiVo said that it's already working with a number of HD cable providers to get its new Series3 ready for distribution. Earlier this year however, TiVo CEO Mike Ramsey announced that customers should expect the new Series3 DVR to be released in "early 2006," but unfortunately that didn't happen. No new date has been set, but according to the filing, TiVo expects to release its Series3 box soon.

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