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TiVo announced this week that it will begin testing a new program that will track how television viewers respond to commercials. TiVo has created a vision called TiVo Audience Research and Measurement which will use roughly 20,000 random TiVo DVR units out of a total of 4.4 million on the market, to perform the study. While TiVo has been allowing customers to skip over commercials for several years now, the company is finally conducting a study just to see the actual impact it has on advertising.

The program however, is simplistic. TiVo will track the average number of viewers who watch a commercial during a program and if they skip, how long it takes them to do so. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said that "this is the hottest issue in television marketing."

According to TiVo, it plans generate reports for every national ad that it tracks. TiVo also plans to report on when a commercial was watched, during what program, at what time of the day, which network and what the position the commercial was in during the commercial break block. TiVo believes that this new study will help ad agencies produce better advertisements and commercials and position them more wisely. This still doesn't address the fact that most viewers prefer to have no commercial interruptions during a program at all.

In related TiVo news, DailyTech recently reported that the company's latest dual CableCARD tuner, the Series3, is almost ready for prime time. The unit is in final phases of testing and TiVo is already shipping sample units out to major cable providers.

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