By 4K HDR Blue-rays being on the shelves move lovers can get the same experience with Blu-ray discs.

By 4K HDR Blu-rays being on the shelves move lovers can get the same experience with Blu-ray discs. 1080p Blu-Rays looks daunting on 4K HDR TVs with built in high quality and relatively expensive engines. Where the video gurus over at AVS forum by testing, compiling, and ranking have already done the things easer for the movie lovers.  So without any trouble or difficulty you could enjoy affordable Blu-rays on Amazon.  This is the thing that you could do, - if you don’t have access to Blu-ray discs then my recommendation will be to pick up a Sony BDP- S6700. Sony has invested heavily in both Blu-ray production and in reading/ performance of Blu-ray movies. You could pick Sony BDPS6700 4K up-scaling 3D streaming Blu-ray Disc player (2016 Model) on Amazon or from Dell as low as $118 or use Xbox One S if you have.  Here are some movies that is worth to watch:
The Thin Red Line (special edition), Avatar (extended collector’s edition), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, The Art of Flight, Man on Fire, Hot Fuzz (ultimate edition), The Island, and The Ultimate Wave-Tahiti (IMAX), of course there are more to watch if you wish for.
The larger capacity of Blu-ray disc is an advantage over standard DVDs allowing higher quality of video and audio to be stored. The total data capacity of standard DVD disc can hold up is 4.7 GB, that it is not possible to have HD video quality on. While a single payer Blu-Ray has high definition format along with bigger storage capacity (25 GB of data), laser technology, image resolution, Disc construction, and player compatibility, which is way more data storage and quality performance than ever DVD-9s. And it has two hours of high definition information or 13Hrs of standard definition information.  Double layer Blu-Ray discs can hold 50GB equaling about 4 ½ hours of high definition information or 26 hours of standard definition. As far as laser technology goes both has laser in (Red in DVD and Blue in Blu-Ray).
Difference between these two lasers is that in red laser the grooves are so far apart and can store less of larger wavelength on each layer where the Blu-Ray’s grooves are much thinner and closer together because the blue laser used to read the disc with shorter wavelength and 2 ½ times thinner than the red laser which allows the disc to save almost five times as many grooves onto a disc which is five times more grooves on to a same size a DVD. But both have scratch resistant coating. 
What is the image Resolution?
It is measured by the number of vertical lines times the number of horizontal lines of light in a picture, like 480,720, or 1080 so higher the numbers are higher the resolution and more detailed the pictures will be.


Now that we know the difference between these two devices then it comes to point that what you want from the device? Quality, storage, or money in any case decision is yours to make.

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