Thermaltake's new Purepower Power Express 250W takes some of the burden off your existing PSU

Thermaltake has announced its new Purepower Power Express 250W dedicated power supply for graphics cards. With today's SLI and CrossFire cards requiring more and more juice, this dedicated PSU takes some of the load off your system's power supply.

The Purepower Power Express fits into any standard 5.25" drive bay and features two 6-pin PCI Express connectors to supply power to your graphics cards. It also works in conjunction with your current power supply with an included adapter. For those of you concerned about noise levels, the PSU's 4cm fan puts out 20dB at 2000RPM.

Pricing and availability is not yet for the Purepower Power Express 250W so stay tuned for more information from DailyTech.

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