Chevrolet Volt. Electric when you want it, gas when you need it.


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Note: The 2012 Chevy Volt offers an EPA-estimated 35 miles on a full charge based on 94 MPGe [electric] and an additional 340 miles with a full tank based on 35 city, 40 MPG highway [gas]. Actual range varies with conditions.

The Chevrolet Volt is unique among electric cars because it runs on two sources of energy. You have an electric source – a battery – that allows you to drive gas-free for an EPA–estimated 35 miles. And there's also an onboard gas generator that produces electricity so you can go farther. So if you want to drive using only electricity, you can. If you want to drive using electricity and gas, you can do that, too. Feeling all revved up? Check out what this current Chevy Volt driver has to say about his unique driving lifestyle…

Eric J. Rotbard, Esquire is a self-proclaimed tech lover, so it’s no surprise that becoming a Volt driver was the right move for him.  “The Volt is like something out of a science-fiction movie – it’s super high tech, and fun to drive,” he says. In fact, he equates his driving experience to playing a video game. “My high score is my maximum electric range on a single charge.  And I am always trying to beat my high score,” he says. 

As a lawyer, Rotbard is always looking for professional wins, too, and that involves having to lug around boxes full of litigation materials, which fit perfectly in the Volt’s roomy hatch. Despite all his driving, he’s hitting almost 200 mpg lifetime.  “This just blows people away when I tell them that,” says Rotbard. “I am over 1,500 miles on my tank of gas, and I still have about half of it to go.”  That’s even better than most, since on average, by charging regularly, Volt owners are driving 900 miles between fill-ups.

His favorite reaction regarding his Volt came from one of his best friends who was skeptical about his choice. “After I showed him the car and he actually drove it and saw my mileage, he was absolutely amazed,” says Rotbard. “The car completely changed his opinion, and he has become a big fan.”

By being one of the first Volt drivers, Rotbard says he’s making a statement that he believes in this technology, and that he stands behind its message of environmental responsibility. “The Volt is the first car that can fit the role of primary vehicle (i.e., drive anywhere) that truly deemphasizes gasoline,” he explains. “Additionally, by moving to an electric powertrain, Chevrolet is setting the stage for a post-petroleum world.” 

For Rotbard and other Volt drivers, it’s a special feeling to be able to get a glimpse of that world. “I love the fact that I can come home from work with an almost-drained battery, plug in, and an hour later, be able to go out to dinner with the family without using any gas… The Volt has exceeded my expectations.”

Volt is available to order at participating dealers.
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