The Optimus keyboard is a device that has drawn interest from a lot of PC enthusiasts - get ready for another kooky device

If you're in the market for a keyboard that costs $100, we have the one for you!  Along with the flashy Optimus OLED keyboard that's under development, the same company is going to offer a $100 keyboard that only has three keys.  The device features a 6-bit 96x96 pixel OLED display on each key, capable of displaying approximately 5 frames per second. 

Optimus's Configurator will automatically recognize what application is being operated and upload an image and basic functions for the current program on the keyboard.   Optimus also promises that programmers will be able to fully configure the device via the configurator. 

This sleek and costly keyboard with only three keys will be released on May 15.  After April 2 of this year, the price on the keyboard will increase in cost.  If you're interested, pre-orders will begin later this week.  You can view more of the device on the official Optimus website

There is still no word yet on the price or exact date of the much famed full scale Optimus keyboard -- other than a small graphic that states the product is coming at the end of 2006.

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