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Get your shine on

Akihabara News has the scoop on LG’s upcoming Shine phone. The upcoming LG Shine is expected to join LG’s previously released Chocolate phone. It sports a sleek metallic casing that’s a mere 13 mm thick with brushed aluminum parts. Joining the sleek looks is a 2 mega-pixel camera with a built in flash for low light situations and media player for multimedia playback functions. There’s plenty of storage space available on the LG Shine too—1GB to be exact. The storage space can be used for images and music.

Encompassing the sleek casing, 2 mega-pixel camera and multimedia capabilities is a mirrored 2.2” QVGA display. The LG Shine display is capable of displaying 320x240 pixels and has a mirror shine when the LCD appears off—no pun intended. Additionally, the phone appears to have a memory expansion slot as well. It’s unknown what type of memory the LG Shine will support, though it will most likely be microSD like the LG Chocolate.

The LG Shine is currently expected to be available in Korea soon. Like the LG Chocolate, if the phone is well received we could easily see a US launch as well.

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