Fourth undersea cable cut seems too much to be coincidence

As Sherlock Holmes would say, the game is afoot! Many will agree that two undersea cables getting cut in the same location is conceivable. Add a third undersea cable cut two days later and things get strange.

Throw in a fourth undersea cable getting cut in less than a week and it’s hard to not think something strange is going on. According to a fourth undersea Internet and telephone cable was severed. Qatar Telecom (Qtel) announced on Sunday that the fourth cable running between the Qatari island of Haloul and the United Arab Emirate island of Das was damaged. reports that it was told unofficially that the cable breakage in this case wasn’t caused by a ship, but was related to the power supply. DailyTech reported yesterday that the mystery behind the breakage of the undersea cables deepened with the announcement from Egyptian authorities that no ships were in the area of the first two cables when the damage occurred near the Egyptian port of Alexandria.

Qtel says that its capacity loss was kept below 40% because of a large number of alternate routes for transmission. The repair ship due to set out and make repairs to the third severed cable was kept in port over last weekend due to bad weather, but it was scheduled to leave Monday and repairs are expected to take five days.

DailyTech reported on the first two damaged undersea cables last week and reported yesterday on the third damaged undersea cable.

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