Images courtesy of PCinlife

Naked "R600" images courtesy of PCinlife
Chinese site PCinlife has images of the OEM "R600"

Images of AMD’s next-generation R600 GPU have popped up on Chinese site PCinlife, which have since been removed. The photographed graphics card appears to be an OEM R600 due to its sheer size and cooler design. Retail R600 based products will have a smaller and more size efficient cooler, according to AMD graphics roadmaps.

AMD has adopted a new cooler similar to the current X1950 XTX, albeit super-sized. Underneath the copper heat pipe cooler is the behemoth 700-million transistor count R600 GPU. AMD has opted to manufacturer the R600 on a tested 80nm process.

Eight memory chips grace the PCB for a total of 512MB of GDDR4. The eight memory chips are attached to a 512-bit memory bus with a theoretical maximum clock speed of 2.1 GHz.

This time around AMD has opted to install the Theater 200 for VIVO capabilities. AMD’s previous ATI Radeon products featured the older Rage Theater. The Theater 200 was previously only available in the All-in-Wonder-series and a couple standalone TV tuner products.

AMD’s R600 requires two PCIe power connectors, one 8-pin and one 6-pin. There’s no word on power consumption numbers yet, however.

AMD expects to unleash the R600 this quarter, if everything goes as planned. The upcoming GPU will carry the X2900 model number with an XTX designation, at first. AMD’s R600 architecture serves as the base of its “teraflop in a box” GPGPU platform.

AMD plans to release its mainstream RV610 and RV630 products in the near future as well. NVIDIA also expects to launch its next high-end part, the GeForce 8800 Ultra shortly after it unleashes its mid-range GeForce 8600, 8500 and 8400 products.

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