The company entered into a new era of Tesla Motors’ master plan laid out by Elon Musk in a blog posted ten years ago.

The plan was to build a sports car called the Tesla Roadster and use the money to build an affordable car called the  “The Model S” then use money from the sale to build even more affordable car – the Model 3. The biggest direct competitor for the Model 3 was the Chevy Bolt. As reported by GM, that car will have an electric range greater than 200 miles and a price after tax incentives, of around $30,000. 


But today is all about the Model 3 and said, chief executive Elon Musk “ Tesla will unveil an electric articulated lorry in September.” He also added that an electric pick-up truck would be shown off in around 18-24 months.


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Where last year the chief Executive communicates the firm’s goal to branch out beyond cars, which analysts are concerned that the company will not meet demand for its current projects?


The car that Tesla currently offers is a mid-market car, has 400,000 pre-orders- way more than company can manufacture in a year, which due to go into production later this year.  However still investors seem confident that Mr. Musk will meet his promises.    Speaking about the lorry, Mr. Musk said; his team had done an amazing job and the vehicle would be “seriously next level”.


Also he tweeted that the next version of its roadster sports car will be a convertible. Tesla’s Model 3 at starting price of $35,000 and per-ordered over millions within weeks after revealing a prototype, as it has been said, but delivering a brand new electric car built from scratch will be possible as Tesla pledged to start deliveries late 2017.   


This affordable electric sports sedan, the Model 3 is Tesla’s eco-friendly gift to the motoring masses. Base rear-wheel-drive cars should get about a 215 miles range; all- wheel drive will be offered, and larger batteries with longer ranges are expected.

CEO’s latest twitter to reveal that the final design of the much- awaited vehicle will finally be shown to the world as early as the month of July.  Model 3 that customers will be impressed with. For starters, it can go for a grange of 215 mils on a single charge.  It also boasts self-driving software, which in not built-in on the basic model car but customers with an extra $4000 shell out could activate autopilot feature. The Model 3 a premium sedan said is designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category.    

"There's no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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