Driving range drops from 250 miles to 200+ miles

Tesla Motors has been touting its impressive Roadster for quite some time now. The $100,000 sports car boasts impressive specs including a top speed of 130MPH and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60MPH in just 4 seconds. At the time the Tesla Roadster was first announced, the vehicle was projected to have a range of 250 miles thanks to its 6,381 cell lithium-ion battery pack.

Tesla Motors, however, has just informed its customers who have already put a down deposit on the vehicle that the driving range will come up short. The company can no longer guarantee the 250 mile range after extensive on-road testing. Instead, the EPA certified range of the vehicle is expected to be "greater than 200 miles."

Darryl Siry, VP of Marketing for Tesla Motors, cites a number of reasons for the decrease in driving range. Changes have been made to improve the safety of the battery pack, lower capacity lithium-ion cell had to be used to increase durability and added weight to the chassis to the tune of several hundred pounds have also hindered performance.

"The original premise of this groundbreaking car was that its range would be high enough that you would not have to worry about charging during a typical day, even if you have a long commute, take the car out for dinner and chores, or even take the scenic route home," said Siry. "Once home, you plug it in - just like you would your cell phone - and by the time you're ready for another day, your Tesla Roadster is fully charged and ready to go. We believe that this premise is still intact with a range above 200 miles."

For more information on the development of the Tesla Roadster, you can check out a recent interview with Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard at AutoblogGreen.

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