Tesla Motors will unveil something big a week from today

Back in July of this year, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was lamenting the fact that a challenge from Ford meant that it couldn’t use the Model E name for its upcoming entry-level electric sedan. Referencing the company’s current Model S and the upcoming Model X, Musk joked, “So I said we had the Model S and X, we might as well have the E. I thought this is crazy, Ford’s trying to kill sex!”
Tesla and Musk settled on the name Model III instead.
Now, Tesla is ready for a new vehicle introduction on October 9 and we can’t help but think back to the sex comments. Musk posted the following to Twitter last night:
As expected, the language of the post brought out the guffaws from the peanut gallery, to which Musk quickly responded: 
Considering that the Model III is at least two years away from its public unveil, we know that Tesla won’t be unveiling the vehicle. The shape of the LEDs trimming the headlights and the glimpse of the grille leads us to believe that this is a new variant of the existing Model S.
As for the “D”, that could possibly be a reference to the long-rumored AWD version of the Model S. The D in this instance could mean “dual motors.” The Model S has space in its front-trunk (frunk) for a second electric motor, and a similar arrangement is available in the Model X.
As for the “something else”, your guess is as good as ours.

Tesla Model S

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