$75 promotional code can be used towards the purchase of games, movies, etc.

The Xbox One already saw its price dropped to $399 thanks to jettisoning the Kinect camera, but it looks as though Microsoft is ready to make the console even more enticing to its loyal customers. Microsoft has a new a targeted offer which gives Xbox 360 users a $75 promotional code to use towards the purchase of games or entertainment if they purchase an Xbox One.
This promotion doesn’t appear to be available to all Xbox 360 owners, but those that do fall in Microsoft’s good graces can purchase an Xbox One console from any retailer by July 31 and activate it by July 31. Once you complete that step, Microsoft will send a message to your Xbox One console by August 15 complete with your $75 promotional code. You will then have one year to use the code or its full value will be forfeited.

A $75 promotional credit isn’t exactly the same as $75 in cold hard cash, but it’s better than nothing and a great deal for the select few that will qualify for the offer.

Source: VG24/7

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