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EA's offer to buy "Grand Theft Auto IV" publisher turned down

Electronic Arts, the videogame publisher juggernaut, last week during the Game Developers Conference proposed a takeover of Take-Two Interactive. The proposal was reported to include an offer of $26 per share of Take-Two, making the deal with a total of around $2 billion.

According to reports, EA previously offered Take-Two $25 per share, making the latest offer of $1 more a sign of the EA’s continued interested in a merger. But Take-Two has rejected EA’s best offer.

In press release sent out on Sunday, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that it has turned down EA’s offer to acquire the company for $26.

“After careful evaluation, the Board has determined that EA's proposal substantially undervalues Take-Two’s robust and enviable stable of game franchises, exceptional creative talent and strong consumer loyalty,” read the Take-Two Interactive statement. “We believe EA's unsolicited offer is highly opportunistic and is attempting to take advantage of our upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV, one of the most valuable and durable franchises in the industry.”

While stock of Take-Two Interactive currently sits at around $17, the company wasn’t entertained by EA’s offer of $26. “Furthermore, the offer values the Company at a significant discount to its public peers and does not compensate Take-Two for its intrinsic value and the substantial synergies that the proposed combination would create,” added Take-Two.

EA CEO John Riccitiello said of the offer, “There can be no certainty that in the future EA or any other buyer would pay the same high premium we are offering today.”

Were a merger between EA and Take-Two to take place, sports games fans may suddenly find their options halved. The only major competitor against the EA Sports franchises is Take-Two’s 2K Sports.

Earlier this month, Riccitiello pledged that EA developers and properties would be better taken care of and less stifled than previous acquisitions such as Westwood and Origin.

Take-Two’s most valuable asset is its close relationship with Rockstar Games, which contractually ends this year. It is expected, however, for Rockstar Games to renegotiate a new agreement with Take-Two Interactive.

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By pauldovi on 2/25/2008 9:12:41 AM , Rating: 4
Good for them!

RE: And
By AnnihilatorX on 2/25/2008 9:14:39 AM , Rating: 2
Although I am not a fan of their GTA franchise, this'd be good for them

RE: And
By FITCamaro on 2/25/2008 10:27:10 AM , Rating: 3
Seriously. We've already lost BioWare. We don't need to lose them too.

I had high hopes for whatever MMO BioWare is working on. Now I'm scared. Especially since it was likely to be a Star Wars MMO. Now it'll probably suck like almost everything else EA gets its hands into.

RE: And
By Hiawa23 on 2/25/2008 1:33:10 PM , Rating: 2
I love the GTA franchise, but I hope this doesn't happen, cause NBA LIVE has been awful since the days of Dreamcast & 2kgames was born, & I have preferred the 2k series every year to it much like I preferred 2k football games to Madden. Looks like EA is in that, if we can't beat em, we will just buy em mode. I know it's all about business but this seems like EA is trying to pull one here to grab a piece of the GTA pie.

RE: And
By CannedWeasel on 2/25/2008 9:42:28 PM , Rating: 2
I was really bummed to hear about Bioware, as they were one of the few game companies that you could buy a game from without knowing anything about it and almost certainly end up liking it. Then I heard that with EA in the mix they're releasing Mass Effect for PC (I was glad to hear that, still dragging my feet on buying a 360), and coming out with Jade Empire 2. I think if they let Bioware make good games as they're accustomed to and just stick to the EA mantra of "as many sequels for as many platforms as possible", the company might not go down in flames. I get the impression EA's beginning to realize that whatever they tries to "help" with tends to die horribly, but the jury's still out.

RE: And
By eye smite on 2/25/2008 10:52:44 AM , Rating: 4
I think they should stay independent. They're not in any trouble and their games even the older ones still sell and with GTA4 coming out, I'm sure that will sell well too.

RE: And
By Screwballl on 2/25/2008 10:55:39 AM , Rating: 4

EA is such a pig, buying up perfectly good game companies with excellent games and then turning them to s#!t.
Command and Conquer
antyhing sports related
many other companies

RE: And
By bighairycamel on 2/25/2008 3:12:43 PM , Rating: 4
I could only imagine what GTA would turn into.... instead of funny/satirical commercials and adds throughout the game, we would have ACTUAL commercials and adds throughout the game. Lazlo would be plugging AT&T, and Ammunation would be reshelled into Dicks Sporting Goods.

Horrible Planning
By nismotigerwvu on 2/25/2008 9:19:51 AM , Rating: 3
So this was EA's plan of making All Pro Football "unrepeatable"? Jesus, why not spend the money on making a decent game for once instead of just trying to buy everyone out. For every company they buy out, another will spring up and take the lead as they give most of the devs they engulf the axe anyways.

RE: Horrible Planning
By DASQ on 2/25/2008 11:41:53 AM , Rating: 5
Well, EA is a very green company. I mean look at their EA Sports division. Each year, they recycle almost 90% of previous material into new releases. Fantastic!

GTA is PERFECT for a mass-production, a-game-a-year assembly line release. Fans will eat it up.

RE: Horrible Planning
By mles1551 on 2/25/2008 2:10:12 PM , Rating: 3
Well, EA is a very green company. I mean look at their EA Sports division. Each year, they recycle almost 90% of previous material into new releases. Fantastic!

So funny, but unfortunately so true.

By FluxCap on 2/25/2008 9:47:55 AM , Rating: 2
Glad to see the rejection. EA will ruin GTA.

RE: Denied
By sirius4k on 2/25/2008 10:32:36 AM , Rating: 3

I seriously hope that will never happen. EA is like a plague =S Everything it touches turns into crap.

RE: Denied
By Omega215D on 2/25/2008 10:56:03 PM , Rating: 2
EA Games: Buy and rehash everything... cue long intro in order to start a game.

RE: Denied
By DASQ on 2/25/2008 11:34:32 AM , Rating: 2
EA is like a lactose intolerant kid gorging on icecream. Sure it's delicious, but everything turns into diarrhea after a short stint in the stomach.

By OxBow on 2/25/2008 9:20:04 AM , Rating: 5
Maddening mass manipulation of market for a monopoly.

RE: anti-competitive
By bighairycamel on 2/25/2008 9:30:55 AM , Rating: 3
Now try saying that three times really fast.

That's cheap
By Azured on 2/25/2008 10:29:21 AM , Rating: 3
Read this line again
In press release sent out on Sunday, Take-Two Interactive confirmed that it has turned down EA’s offer to acquire the company for $26.

RE: That's cheap
By jhb116 on 2/25/2008 10:50:42 AM , Rating: 2
Awesome catch!

I'll put in $14 if you put in $14 to keep competition alive. ;)

Monkey + darts = ???
By MrBlastman on 2/25/2008 10:47:43 AM , Rating: 2
I'm convinced the executive team at EA is full of Monkeys that throw darts at the wall to determine what to do next.

They have no sense of direction other than - hey! That franchise we bought failed... So lets... Buy another company!

Rather than - Hmm, that Franchise failed... What exactly went wrong here?

*dreamy music plays*
In EA executive headquarters:
Bob at the top sits up there in his lofty office whacking his ball on the green. Misses a hole, looks up at the wall and tosses another dart. Viola! Lets put another monkey in a suit, send him down to the acquisitions team! We'll buy out another company, pay the developers in bannanas, give them a tree to climb on and force them to work long hours.

Creativity? No problem - our crack team of sloths will churn out content faster and more volumous than evAr before.

Best thing yet... They'll be so ecstatic over their newfound loot that we'll be able to relase the title 10 months early and under-budget! Yeah! I think we have another winner here!

... And if they fail, it is off to the pungee pit for them all ...

*end dreamy music*


RE: Monkey + darts = ???
By Proteusza on 2/25/2008 11:40:56 AM , Rating: 2
You know what they say - if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

By MasterTactician on 2/25/2008 10:08:10 AM , Rating: 2
EArth will have to wait a bit longer, but this minor setback only prolongs the inevitable.

The Crusade
By PWNettle on 2/26/2008 4:27:41 PM , Rating: 2
Is EQ on a crusade to ruin all of PC gaming? Someone make them stop.

By marsbound2024 on 2/26/2008 12:01:44 AM , Rating: 1
EA has been nothing but a disappointment to me. They buy all the good game publishers and turn them to shit. Sure EA has made some good games, but they are counteracted by EA's horrible tastes and decision-making "skills" (or lack thereof. EA...Everyday A**holes.

"Game reviewers fought each other to write the most glowing coverage possible for the powerhouse Sony, MS systems. Reviewers flipped coins to see who would review the Nintendo Wii. The losers got stuck with the job." -- Andy Marken
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