As normal as any other pigs, except that they glow bright green, Taiwanese scientists claim the new jellyfish-hybrid pigs help stem cell research

As part of the growing need to research further into stem cells, Taiwan scientists have created pigs that actually glow bright green in the dark. The pigs were modified during embryonic stages with DNA from jellyfish with fluorescence properties.

The pigs were created at the department of Animal Science and Technology at Taiwan National University and are being used to study and find solutions for human diseases. The scientists say that the glowing properties of the pigs make it possible to monitor and detect stem cell growth without requiring operational procedures to be done.

The University said that it hopes to breed more pigs using the three that they have now, to create new types of pigs that all glow. Pigs are used because they have similar organs and organ layouts as humans do and despite the close resemblance of monkeys to humans, pigs have offered scientists greater knowledge in developing cures for human diseases. So far, 265 pig embryos have received jellyfish DNA implants but the university’s scientists say that the glowing pigs are just as healthy and regular as normal pigs. More here.

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