Among the new devices will be a home phone and a tablet computer

Google made a big splash in the mobile phone operating system world when it announced its Android operating system. The open source operating system was conceived for mobile phones, but some manufacturers are already eyeing the operating system for netbooks and other types of electronic devices.

The first company to market with an Android-based smartphone was T-Mobile with its G1. The device sold well, but had early teething problems that led to some fixes being issued. As the operating system matures, manufacturers are looking to put the Android OS onto even more mobile smartphones.

The New York Times reports that a T-Mobile partner has released confidential documents to it showing that T-Mobile plans to offer a home phone and a tablet computer that each run Android. The phone reportedly plugs into a docking station and comes with a separate device for syncing data as the phone’s internal battery charges.

T-Mobile declined to comment on the products reports the NYT, but the spokesman did say T-Mobile planned to offer other Android devices.

The tablet computer device is said to resemble a small laptop without a keyboard utilizing a 7-inch touchscreen. The device is said to handle basic computing tasks like checking weather or managing data across other devices. Presumably, it would be able to access email and surf the Internet as well.

Android has been drawing more supporters recently. The NYT reports that Motorola is expected to sell an Android phone by this October and HTC -- the builder of the T-Mobile G1 -- says that it will offer additional Android handsets soon.

The NYT reports that a small company called Touch Revolution already offers a desk phone running Android that features a 7-inch screen. Some of the phones the firm will offer feature larger screens allowing them to be used for calendars and displaying digital recipes.

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