T-Mobile is truly the "Un-carrier"

T-Mobile CEO John Legere prides himself on shaking up the wireless industry and vows to be different from the big guys (namely AT&T and Verizon Wireless). To that end, T-Mobile has announced a limited time promotion that will see priced slashed for LTE versions of popular tablets.
This means that LTE versions will be priced exactly the same as their lesser, Wi-Fi-only brethren. In the case of the iPad, an LTE version of the 16GB iPad Air would be priced at $499 instead of $629.

In addition, anyone with a postpaid voice service with T-Mobile will get 1GB of data for free per month through the end of 2014. This is in addition to the 200MB that T-Mobile provides for free to anyone that uses a tablet on its network.
“With this announcement, T-Mobile’s launching a full-on assault against the restrictions and pain points that keep tablet owners from experiencing life beyond the Wi-Fi zone,” said Legere. “The Un-carrier is all about solving pain points, and today we’re eliminating every reason to be stuck on an unconnected Wi-Fi-only tablet. There’s no longer any need to limit the use of your tablet because you’re intimidated by Big Blue, Bad Red or Bumbling Yellow.”
This is only Day 2 of T-Mobile’s “Three Days of Un-carrier” promotion. The first day saw the launch of T-Mobile’s $40/month Simple Starter plan. We can’t wait to see what Legere has in store for Day 3.

Source: T-Mobile

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