T-Mobile teases us with the long-awaited G2.
Phone will be T-Mobile's first to feature HSPA+ -- a 3.5G or 4G tech, depending on who you ask

RIM and Apple recently have been flattened under a deluge of high-powered Android handset releases.  Between the Motorola DroidMotorola Droid XMotorola Droid 2HTC IncredibleHTC EVO 4G, and Samsung Galaxy S/S Pro it's become hard to keep track of all these high-powered competitors.

Not looking to slow down, T-Mobile just aired a teaser page for the long awaited T-Mobile G2.  You may recall that T-Mobile's G1 was the first Android smartphone to hit the U.S. market, landing back in October 2008.

The new G2 was rumored to be released in July 2009 – instead it never showed up.  At the time the phone was rumored to be the HTC Magic.  Now it seems possible that the phone might be the dual-core HTC Glacier that a T-Mobile employee posted benchmarks of on GLSBenchmark.

If it is indeed the Glacier, the slick white paint job would certainly suit its model name.

The only thing T-Mobile has officially announced about the phone is that it is going to be the network's first HSPA+ compatible smartphone.  HSPA+ is a so called "3.5G" cell phone transmission technology (LTE and WiMAX are considered the only "true" 4G technologies).  T-Mobile insists on billing it as a "4G equivalent", though, which recently led to harsh words from rival AT&T.

T-Mobile's G2 teaser page is here.

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