Somehow, someday, someone will make a phone for me

Thomas Ricker over at Engadget got a nice preview of the next generation HTC "Hermes" a few weeks ago.   In my everlasting quest to find the next super-phone, I've gone through an I-mate Jasjar, a Qtek 9100 and untold numbers of BlackBerries and iPaqs -- even the infamous Verizon XV6700BB.   Aside from the fact that switching around mobile providers is killing me, I still have yet to find the super-phone. 

Here is the problem: I live in Chicago so I am one of the lucky few to have access to Cingular's UMTS network.  I travel to Japan/Taiwan/China once very few months, so I also need some global GSM capability.  Windows Mobile 5 is so much better than the previous iteration I don't know how I survived without it, so BlackBerries are out of the question now.  Then of course, WiFi is a must as well.  But here is the problem with every device on the market right now:
  • The I-mate JasJar (HTC XDA) does not support Cingular's UMTS or EDGE network -- only UMTS and EDGE in Europe.
  • The Qtek 9100 (HTC MDA, etc) has an ungodly slow processor and likes to crash every few hours.  Oh that and it doesn't support UMTS, EDGE, VGA resolutions, but it does come in a nice form factor.
  • The Verizon XV6700BB, aside from the fact it's stuck on the Verizon network, has a god awful feature where you must disable WiFi in order to use the phone/EVDO capabilities and visa versa. 
  • The iPaq 8125 fixes some of the problems with the Qtek 9100, but low and behold, uses the same terrible 200MHz processor and my devices crashes every few hours.
Well now it seems the MDA "Hermes" is almost upon us, the specifications were uploaded to TMobile Germany a few days ago (PDF).  2.1MPX camera, 802.11b/g and UMTS/EDGE -- but alas only the GRPS network works in the US. 

"You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling." -- Peter Moore, 24 hours before his Microsoft resignation

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