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Carrier also plans to double its "4G" speeds in 2011.

T-Mobile this morning officially announced the February launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, and the expansion of its "4G" HSPA+ network into more than 100 major metropolitan areas.

In a T-Mobile press release, called the Galaxy S 4G -- exclusive to the carrier -- "the fastest smartphone running on America’s Largest 4G Network." Of course, T-Mobile's 4G claims are still debatable

But beyond the marketing claims, the Galaxy S 4G is a mixed bag of specs. Mobile HD TV (800kbps bit rate and 16:9 resolution) and Inception come pre-loaded on the device, helping to show off the 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen. A Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor, an ST-Ericsson M5720 HSPA+ 4G modem (allowing theoretical peak downloads of up to 21 Mbps), a 5-megapixel rear camera with 720p video and a front-facing one for video chat, a pre-installed 16GB microSD memory card, and a 1650 mAh lithium ion battery round out the hardware. 

On the software side, the Galaxy S 4G will be running Android 2.2 out of the box. You may remember claims that Samsung was withholding a Froyo update for the current T-Mobile Galaxy S variant, the Vibrant, because it would hamper sales of what was then being dubbed the "Vibrant 4G". Samsung denied those claims and teased the Galaxy S replacement. In another marketing coup, the Vibrant's de facto replacement will bear the Galaxy S name, rather than Vibrant 4G. The move might trick those not in-the-know, but it's clear to see that the new device is practically a Vibrant duplicate, with the added HSPA+ functionality and updated Android software.

While the Galaxy S 4G will not be available until February, the carrier's HSPA+ network has expanded into the following markets as of today: Albany, Augusta, Columbus and Macon, Ga.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Champaign, Ill.; Lansing, Mich.; and Rochester, Minn.

In addition to this expansion, T-Mobile has "aggressive plans to double the speed of its 4G network in 2011."

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By mcnabney on 2/2/2011 12:04:38 PM , Rating: 2
HSPA+ is not 4G.

When Sprint/Verizon moved from EVDO rev 0 to rev A they didn't try to slap a '4G' moniker on it because it was a faster version of the same tech. T-mobile and now AT&T are just lying to the consumer and selling what has been agreed to be 3.5G as 4G because they are late to the real 4G party (LTE&WiMax).

Hell, maybe Verizon will take notice and start selling their 25down/5up LTE service as 5G?

RE: 4G?
By Solandri on 2/2/2011 12:46:49 PM , Rating: 2
I've said it before: None of this bickering over the meaning of 4G or 3.5G or whatever would matter if the carriers would just put some hard bandwidth numbers on their service. You know, like 1 Mbps down average, 8 Mpbs down peak. The average throughput per connection should be trivial to calculate from their cell phone tower transmission records. It's wireless, I accept that worst case I will get 0 Mbps. You don't have to worry about setting my expectations too high.

RE: 4G?
By InvertMe on 2/2/2011 12:49:46 PM , Rating: 1
Actually you are wrong according to ITU standards TMobile is offering 4g services. I get fantastic download speeds in my home town and while it may not be as fast as Verizons or AT&T non-existant 4g it's pretty damn good to me!

RE: 4G?
By theapparition on 2/2/2011 1:12:18 PM , Rating: 2
You are correct in that the ITU recently modified thier definition of 4G, from the previous 100mbps (stationary) down to what we now consider HSPA+, or 3.5G.

However, Verizon has pretty good LTE coverage already, and anyone can buy a modem and use thier LTE network today. I wouldn't call that non-existant, even if handsets are a month away.

RE: 4G?
By sprockkets on 2/2/2011 1:55:35 PM , Rating: 2
When Sprint/Verizon moved from EVDO rev 0 to rev A they didn't try to slap a '4G' moniker on it because it was a faster version of the same tech.

No, but nobody cared about "G"s back then anyhow. EVDO rev a was the first time anyone could do stuff wirelessly and not take a minute to load a website.

By quiksilvr on 2/2/2011 11:39:51 AM , Rating: 2
Everything about this phone is awesome...EXCEPT FOR THAT CHROME BORDER! We didn't like the old iPhone look in the previous Samsung phone (not even Apple), what makes you think we'd like it now?

RE: Ugh...
By Supa on 2/2/2011 12:15:56 PM , Rating: 2
Granted, all smart phones are starting to look alike, but you're right, it looks too much like iphone 3G.


By rhuarch on 2/2/2011 11:56:50 AM , Rating: 3
I think this pretty much confirms the rumors that Samsung was withholding froyo from existing Vibrant phones. I'm not getting 21mb per second, but since I flashed my Vibrant with Nero v5, which is a 2.2 based rom, my speeds are breaking 5mb per second now. Which is about 5 times better than I was getting with the stock 2.1 OS that came with the phone. I'd be willing to bet that for the time being at least 5mb per second is about what people will be getting on this new "4G" phone in real world situations. So really all you're getting new in this phone is a front facing camera.

I can see why Samsung would be worried about a froyo update hampering sales of the "new" phone.

"If you look at the last five years, if you look at what major innovations have occurred in computing technology, every single one of them came from AMD. Not a single innovation came from Intel." -- AMD CEO Hector Ruiz in 2007

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