Texas Instruments pulls DLP out of its pockets and projects it ... well, anywhere it wants to

Texas Instruments DLP technology is working on a palm-sized DLP projector to use with mobile devices, similar to the ultra-miniature projector created by Microvision.  With sights far set on integration, Texas Instruments will, for now, work on portable DLP projectors.

TI says that this device will change the way content sharing works between mobile devices and displays.  Also, this technology is said to drive content sharing, especially amongst videogamers and film buffs, due to its on-the-go access to high-quality video content.

The "less than one pound" Pocket Projector will use the 0.55 DLP chip and three different colored laser to project an image onto any surface. It will also connect to mobile devices.  The projector will be able to put out larger screen size pictures than the current micro-projectors can.  The downside to this is non-integration.  The portable projector connects to mobile devices using the video-out feature on OMAP-enabled devices.

TI has already implanted over 3,000 DLP projectors in digital cinemas nationwide.  Manufacturers, NEC and Christie Barco, already control most of the HD cinema market, but DLP cinema technology is rapidly growing.

Both companies only have prototypes for the cell phone projectors. There is no news on whether development will begin soon.

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