If dual-layer media makes your mouth water, get some towels ready for 8 layers of Blu-ray goodness

Last week TDK Corporation announced shipments of its first generation of Blu-ray media in both writable and re-writable flavors and also hinted at dual-layer 50GB versions coming later this year.  Recently, TDK prototyped a 4-layer 100GB version of its Blu-ray media which is said to have maximum transfer rates of 216Mbps (6x speed) which will be three times faster than the first generation discs.

After digging through TDK's marketing information on their website we found plans to bring to the market not only 4-layer 100GB media, but also media with 8 layers at 25GB/layer totalling 200GB of Blu-ray capacity. TDK's marketing department has put together a simple picture of how the company fits 4 layers on a disc to bring the capacity to 100GB.

The base of the disc is the plastic substrate which is followed by a reflective layer and a dielectric layer. The media is then topped off with the dielectric and reflective layers and a cover layer, in that order. Between the first and last 3 standard layers comes the first recording layer of the disc labeled "L0 recording layer." There are a total of 4 layers to the right and each layer. Layers L0-L3 are separated by a spacer layer to help the laser focus on the correct layer for reading and writing.

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