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Symbian's says its lineup (part of which is shown top) is outselling Google's Android lineup (part of which is seen on the bottom) at a rate of 300,000 units to 200,000 units per day.  (Source: 3G UK, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T)
iSuppli predicts Android will pass the iPhone globally in 2012

Some people became pretty worked up when independent market researcher firms Canalys and the NPD Group claimed that Android had surpassed Apple and Research in Motion to become the top smart phone in the U.S market.  Some were merely upset because they didn't believe that Google really passed RIM or Apple; others wondered what about Symbian?

Well, while Google may be dominating 
U.S. sales, internationally Symbian is indeed doing quite well.  Symbian quoted the same market researchers that first broke the news of Android topping the U.S. market -- Canalys -- as saying that it was selling 300,000 phones per day worldwide, compared to the 200,000 that Google CEO Eric Schmidt said his company was selling during the same period.

Symbian is owned by Nokia and is heavily used by Nokia's smartphones – such as the Nokia X6 -- though some Nokia models use the company's other proprietary OS, Maemo.  Sony Ericsson is another key Symbian hardware partner.

The approach used by Symbian is similar to Google -- design an open operating system and allow anyone to make hardware for it.  However, unlike Google, Symbian's owner Nokia has pushed more proprietary first-party hardware models (Google only launch one official hardware device -- the Nexus One -- and even that it contracted HTC to design the hardware).

In other news, iSuppli predicts that globally Android will pass the iPhone in 2012.  It predicts that by 2012, 75 million Android smartphones will ship alongside 62 million iPhones.  Last year, 5 million Android units shipped and 25 million iPhones were delivered.  ISuppli cites Android's numerous hardware partnership as propelling it to faster growth than Apple's iPhone.  HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Huawei, Dell, AsusTek and ZTE have all released or planned to release Android devices.

iSuppli analyst Tina Teng states, "Android is taking the smart phone market by storm.  The OS started with entry level models in 2008, but the flexibility Android offers for hardware designs and its appealing business model in terms of revenue sharing have attracted vigorous support from all nodes in the value chain, including makers of high-end smart phone models."

While Apple currently earns most of its iPhone revenue from exclusive carrier contracts -- and Google doesn't make much revenue at all from Android -- iSuppli predicts that the source of revenue for both companies will shift over the next few years.  Increasingly ad revenue and content (premium services and apps) will drive profits, ballooning to a $100B USD market by 2014, according to iSuppli's research.

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I'd like...
By MrBlastman on 8/6/2010 11:11:12 AM , Rating: 5
To play with her box.

That is all. :)

RE: I'd like...
By amanojaku on 8/6/2010 11:18:20 AM , Rating: 5
I visit DT for the information and comedy, so I know I sound ungrateful and way off base, but...


RE: I'd like...
By Brandon Hill on 8/6/2010 11:21:55 AM , Rating: 2
Google: UPS Girl

RE: I'd like...
By JasonMick on 8/6/2010 11:28:01 AM , Rating: 5

Beep beep! Special delivery.
Note: this special delivery is NSFW!``08/01/bo`oty-baring-ba`bes-give-ups-brand-love.php``xy-ups-gi`rl.jpg`xy_ups_girl.jpg

You're welcome! ;o)

(Note remove "`"... for some reason the comment engine thought this was spam, so i had to do that. just copy the URL to notepad or something....

RE: I'd like...
By amanojaku on 8/6/2010 11:31:43 AM , Rating: 5
Thank you. The next time you put up a thumbnail of a sexy chic you better link to the big one. I can forgive factual inaccuracies, articles with no sources, and personal comments, but thumbnails with no pics are just unacceptable!!! I'm too lazy to Google my porn! :-)

RE: I'd like...
By Mogounus on 8/6/2010 12:30:24 PM , Rating: 4
Haha, you are more correct than you know. I recognize that pic... Sandy Summers LOL

RE: I'd like...
By The Raven on 8/10/2010 3:27:16 PM , Rating: 2
Pr0n? Is that what you were looking for?!

I just wanted to see where the cell phones were? Upon closer inspection, there are none. What does that have to do with the article?!

RE: I'd like...
By carniver on 8/6/2010 12:22:34 PM , Rating: 3
Pictures are NSFW, yet your work is to play around with them, you must love your job!

RE: I'd like...
By 121giggawatts on 8/8/2010 8:34:18 PM , Rating: 2
I'd buy 4 if she delivered it personally. She looks like the type that knows how to handle a package!

RE: I'd like...
By InvertMe on 8/6/2010 11:18:25 AM , Rating: 2
I approve of this message.

RE: I'd like...
By Smilin on 8/6/2010 11:28:00 AM , Rating: 3
I want her to handle my package.

(oh how low I have stooped to post this. the shame)

RE: I'd like...
By beerhound on 8/8/2010 3:33:44 PM , Rating: 2
What can brown do for you?

By themaster08 on 8/6/2010 11:10:01 AM , Rating: 4
Thank you, Mick, for finally acknowledging the continued success of the Symbian platform.

RE: Finally....
By nafhan on 8/6/2010 11:20:42 AM , Rating: 2
Still, I'm sure the growth numbers aren't good for Symbian vs. iOS or Android...

RE: Finally....
By themaster08 on 8/6/2010 11:37:47 AM , Rating: 2
Absolutely not, however, the platform as a whole is still a huge success given the circumstances.

We have a highly saturated market, full of excellent products and choice, yet Symbian still holds strong.

Symbian^3 is to be released this month in the shape of the N8, and brings to the table many advancements which show that Symbian still has top-of-the-line functionality at a margin of the cost.

RE: Finally....
By Mitch101 on 8/6/2010 12:40:27 PM , Rating: 3
Symbian might sell more but they aren't convincing me to buy one.

RE: Finally....
By VashHT on 8/6/2010 4:38:40 PM , Rating: 2
Isn't Symbian dead already though? Nokia announced it was dropping Symbian completely for Meego right?

RE: Finally....
By dnlm on 8/6/2010 6:13:08 PM , Rating: 2
Only for the N-Series

RE: Finally....
RE: Finally....
By Will81 on 8/7/2010 11:30:35 AM , Rating: 3
Success? Nokia may be selling a very large number of Symbian-based "smartphones" but the majority of them are low-cost and barely profitable.

In Q3 2009, Nokia sold 108.5 million phones while Apple sold 7.4 million. In that quarter, Nokia made a profit of US$1.1 billion. Apple made a US$1.6b profit on iPhone sales.

Nokia's relevance in the high-end (aka profitable) smartphone market is waning rapidly.

By HyperTension on 8/7/2010 7:48:24 PM , Rating: 2
Isn't a Symbian the things chicks sit on, vibrates, comes with an assortment of... of.... antennae?

Wait, who are they?

RE: Symbian......
By rburnham on 8/11/2010 10:20:07 AM , Rating: 2
I was thinking "Wait, they make phones too?"

she says she is on the market
By atlmann10 on 8/9/2010 11:33:20 AM , Rating: 2
RE: she says she is on the market
By Belard on 8/10/2010 3:21:59 AM , Rating: 2
I like the new UPS uniforms... but most UPS delivery people are (A) guys and the girls usually look like (B) Guys.... :(

By Alexstarfire on 8/7/2010 12:54:26 AM , Rating: 3
did an article about Symbian end up being mostly about Android and Apple? Ohhhh, it's a Jason Mick article. NVM then.

By YashBudini on 8/6/2010 10:27:37 PM , Rating: 2
For the same reason they believe that Social Security will not be there for them. There's no future, this is as good as it gets, why bother trying for something more than this, all it got my parents was a ton of disappointment and bills.

Screw everything, I'm just gonna talk to my friends.

Advancing Original Ideas
By kake on 8/7/2010 12:44:33 AM , Rating: 2
How kinda cool is it that the successor of the Psion just keeps going and going.

S^3 vs Android
By Visual on 8/10/2010 10:36:32 AM , Rating: 2
I am quite anxious to replace my Galaxy S with a N8 come October and try it out as comparison. If it turns out to be all that it is hyped, I might make the switch permanent, and I expect many others will too. So don't write off Symbian just yet.

"This week I got an iPhone. This weekend I got four chargers so I can keep it charged everywhere I go and a land line so I can actually make phone calls." -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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