New TeleNav survey asked U.S. mobile phone users to choose between giving up their cell phones for a week, or one of life's other little pleasures/needs like sex, chocolate or their toothbrush

Many Americans are gadget-obsessed in this day and age. Devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and laptops have become convenient companions for the American lifestyle, but according to a new study conducted by TeleNav, Inc., some mobile phone owners overshoot the "convenient companion" category and land somewhere in the "love affair" group.

TeleNav, a wireless location-based services company, conducted a national survey that asked Americans to choose between giving up their cell phones for a week; or one of life's other little pleasures/needs like sex, chocolate or their toothbrush. A total of 514 U.S. mobile phones users (254 males and 260 females) "of driving age" participated in the study between July 15 and July 19, 2011.

According to the survey, one-third of all participants would rather give up sex for a week rather than their mobile phone. Seventy percent of those in this category were women. Also, 22 percent of smartphone users said they could go a week without seeing their significant other in favor of keeping their mobile device while 14 percent of feature phone users feel the same way. Human companionship or no human companionship, 66 percent of people in the survey said they sleep with their cell phones next to them. 

Moving on, 70 percent of participants would rather give up alcohol for a week than their mobile phone while 63 percent would rather give up chocolate, 55 percent would rather give up caffeine, 54 percent would give up exercise, 22 percent would give up their toothbrush, 21 percent would give up their shoes and 20 percent would give up their computer. 

The survey also found that iPhone users were particularly attached to their little mobile friends (or possibly more than friends) over Android and BlackBerry users. In fact, iPhone users made up a majority of the following categories: 40 percent of iPhone users were willing to give up their toothbrush, 43 percent would go a week without shoes, and 83 percent believed other iPhone users would be the best romantic companions. 

The iPhone users in this particular survey were also twice as likely to spend more than $40 on apps than Android or BlackBerry users. But Android users topped iPhone users when asked if their phone reflects their overall sense of style -- nearly half of Android users feel this way while only 35 percent of iPhone users see their phones as a stylish representation of themselves.

Feel like you just can't get enough, and would like to dive deeper (and deeper) into the additional results found in this survey? Click here.

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