Super Talent DDR3 modules with black heat spreaders  (Source: Super Talent)
The overclocking memory battles continue on

A little less than two weeks OCZ Technology released PC3-14400, 1800 MHz, DDR3 memory that was the fastest at the time. This week, Super Talent ups the ante with modules rated at 1866 MHz, 66 MHz higher than OCZ’s official offering. The new Super Talent PC3-14900 modules only arrive in a 2x1GB dual channel kit – the WX1866UX2G8 (PDF).

The new modules support 8-8-8-24 latencies. Super Talent hand tests each pair on Asustek’s P5K3 Deluxe motherboard with 1.9 volts. Each module has the usual black Super Talent heat spreaders.

“This low latency 1866 Kit is the result of exhaustive testing and sorting of components, and this product stands without rival as the fastest DDR3 memory in the world,” said Joe James, Marketing Director, Super Talent. “Our DDR3 strategy is to be first to market with industry standard speed grades - 1333, 1600, and 1866 - and to optimize performance by supporting the lowest possible latencies”

In addition to the WX1866UX2G8 launch announcement, Super Talent revealed a few details of its product roadmap. Super Talent has two more high-speed DDR3 kits planned for later this year. The company plans to increase speeds to 2133 MHz with CL9 latencies later this year. Additionally, Super Talent plans to release a more affordable DDR3 1866 MHz kit with higher CL10 latencies later this year.

Expect the W1866UX2G8 modules to cost around $625 when it hits retail. The modules began shipping this week, so expect retail availability within the next week.

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