Sun Microsystems yesterday announced details about JavaFX Mobile, its new technology for mobile phones

During the JavaOne computer conference in San Francisco, Sun Microsytems yesterday previewed JavaFX, a new line focused on Java technology-based products. JavaFX Mobile, designed for products such as mobile phones, was the first announcement by the company. JavaFX Mobile is a combination of a mobile version of Java, and technology created by SavaJe Technologies, a Java-based phone development software company Sun acquired earlier in 2007.

"With JavaFX, Sun is leveraging the security and pervasiveness of the world's most widely deployed technology platform to allow creative professionals to easily author and deliver on any device," said Rich Green, Sun Software's executive vice president.

Sun hopes that both phone service carriers and device manufacturers will be able to utilize the technology to help easily create consumer-friendly programs.

Sun will make the JavaFX Mobile software available to the open source community, but will license it to phone carriers and phone manufacturers.

The market for Internet-connected mobile has expanded globally, with more users turning to mobile phones for Internet connection while on the go. Analysts previously stated that Sun needed to update mobile Java due to the market growing so quickly.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs

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