Kids did show a significant fitness impact when using the Wii

Despite the fact that sales of the Wii are slowing significantly, Nintendo still has a hit on its hands with the innovative console. Anyone who played Wii Sports much the first few weeks or days after getting the console can attest that the games can be a workout.

Once Nintendo debuted the Wii Fit software and balance board, the fitness aspects of the Wii were taken to a new level and the title became one of the most popular titles for the Wii. A new study has been published from the University of Mississippi that looked at the fitness aspects of the Wii on families.

The overall findings of the study are at odds with some of the individual findings. Overall, according to the study the fitness of the family "as a whole" was not significantly impacted by the Wii Fit. However, the study found that the fitness levels of kids who used the system was significantly impacted. Presumably, this is due to the kids using the console more than adults.

The study followed eight families who were loaned Wii systems and the Wii Fit game. The families were tracked for three months with the system, three months without the system, and then for another three months with the system. Apparently, the Wii Fit tests and activity tracking features were used to determine improvements in aerobic fitness, balance, and body composition. These same metrics were measured over five days before the study began to get a base line.

The study found that during the first six weeks of the Wii fit program usage by the family was 22 minutes and after the first six weeks usage time dropped to four minutes daily. You can only headbutt so many soccer balls, so the decline is understandable.

The conclusion of the study was, "Modest amounts of daily Wii Fit use may have provided insufficient stimulus for fitness changes."

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins
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