Study shows 25% of Chinese web users can't go a day without web access

With the proliferation of online dating sites, social networking, online stores and other online conveniences, it has become easy for some users to feel addicted to the Internet.

Case in point, in February 2007 a man was fired from IBM for visiting an adult chat site. The man contended he was “self-medicating” via titillating chat because of post traumatic stress from the war in Vietnam and had become addicted to the Internet.

Today, Yahoo! News is reporting that a new study shows Chinese web users are more likely to become web addicts than their counterparts in America. The study was conducted by IAC (InterActiveCorp) and JWT, an advertising agency. Yahoo! News says that the study was conducted in November in both English and Chinese.

Study results show that only about 10 percent of the Chinese population uses the Internet, with many of the users being young males living in major cities. Almost 25 percent of surveyed Chinese Internet users claim they would not be able to spend more than a day without the Internet. In America only 12 percent of Internet users said they wouldn’t be able to spend a day without the Internet.

77 percent of study respondents from China also say that the Internet helps them make friends compared to only 32 percent of American users saying the same thing. Another study recently showed that teens used instant messaging services over the Internet to avoid embarrassment and to say things they couldn’t say in real life.

The new study by IAC reports similar findings with almost 75 percent of Chinese users saying they can say things on the Internet they can’t say in real life, while only 32 percent of American users say the same thing.

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