Sprint and Best Buy offer up a semi-sweet deal for students

When it comes to wireless carriers in the United States, there’s AT&T/Verizon, and then there’s everyone else. T-Mobile has recently don’t a pretty good job of distancing itself from the wireless giants with relatively affordable data plans and 200MB of free 4G internet per month for tablets that run on its network.
Sprint is also looking to nab a few discerning customers with a new promotion operated in conjunction with Best Buy. Sprint’s “Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion”, which opened nationwide today, will provide students with 12 months of free talk/text along with 1GB of data/month. If 1GB/month is not enough, students can upgrade to unlimited internet for only $10/month.
Sprint says that its promotion will save students roughly $70/month.

To qualify, the smartphone purchasers must:
  • Purchase a phone at Best Buy at the student activation price
  • Activate phone at time of purchase on Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion
  • Account holder must validate student (elementary school, middle school, high school, or college) within 14 days of phone activation date
Sprint's $36/device activation fee is still in effect, and you have to pay the full off-contract price of the phone and monthly taxes/regulatory fees. Sprint’s Unlimited, My Way Student Promotion runs until 1/4/2014.

Source: Sprint

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