Nintendo DS sells a staggering 1.53 million units during November

Thanks to Black Friday and the holiday buying season, the video games industry experienced blistering sales during November.

Nintendo walked away as the big dog, selling a record number of hardware units. The Nintendo DS handheld sold an astonishing 1.53 million units – 653,000 of them during Black Friday week. The Wii likely sold out its entire supply at 981,000 consoles, with nearly a third of them during the long weekend.

The Xbox 360 also performed admirably selling 770,000 units. Microsoft said that 310,000 units were sold during Black Friday week.

Although Sony remained at the bottom half of the NPD Group sales list, it also had a very strong month. 567,000 PSPs and 496,000 PlayStation 2 consoles were sold, proving the staying power of Sony’s older hardware. The PlayStation 3, while in last place of the current market systems, shot up in demand to hit a new high with 466,000 units sold.

Unlike Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony refused to release Black Friday numbers, instead choosing to reveal its retail successes in percentages. Sony said that PlayStation 3 sales were up 298 percent compared to the previous period, partially attributing the rise in sales to price cuts and the introduction of the $399 40GB entry-level model.

The NPD sales data does little to settle the battle between Microsoft and Sony regarding their comparative sales. Microsoft claimed that its Xbox 360 outsold the PlayStation 3 by a two-to-one ratio during the Thanksgiving week, while Sony refuted the claim.

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