Sony's Fresh Start option, available only with TZ2xxx series laptops, requires Windows Vista Business edition and grays out the option to include Micosoft Works in the final configuration.  (Source: Sony Style)
Sony offers removing trial-ware for a fee

Trial-ware is an annoying aspect of buying a new PC from a manufacturer. What makes it worse is when manufacturers do not offer the option to users to remove the trial-ware from the PCs before they get shipped out. Sony has heard consumer's pleas, and has decided to cash-in by charging for not installing trial-ware.

Sony is now offering a new option dubbed "Fresh Start", which essentially means that trial-ware is not installed on a PC before it is shipped out. This option, however, is not free and comes at a fee of $50.

Users can choose a "Fresh Start" for their PC during the configuration step in the Sony online order process under the "Software Optimization" section. Although the option does remove annoying pre-installed applications, charging $50, or any fee for that matter, to remove software consumers don't want in the first place is more than one would want to pay, especially if all the manufacturer has to do is build a common image without the unnecessary software.

Despite the fee it charges, it seems that Sony still wants to limit the consumers to whom this service will be available to. Currently, "Fresh Start" can only be purchased with the TZ2000 and TZ2500 model laptops. Narrowing down the list further, it is only available to customers who choose the Windows Vista Business operating system over the Windows Vista Home Premium option, which is a $100 premium on its own. In addition, if a customer wants the Microsoft Works suite, the Fresh Start option is unavailable to them, further limiting the options.

Based off of the lengthy list of requirements for the "Fresh Start" option to be made available during the order process, it is safe to conclude that Sony has mostly business users in mind for the option. The fact that choosing Windows Vista Home Premium rules out the "Fresh Start" option further corroborates Sony's intentions for targeting business users.

In the event a system recovery is necessary, there is no mention whether trial-ware will be installed when using the recovery partition/disc.

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