Valve is putting the finishing touches on the Steam for Mac edition

Steam for Mac reportedly is now in private beta, but an official release date is expected to be announced sometime next week.

The recently released Steam for OS X teaser images didn't show gamers very much, except that the OS X version should function closely to the Windows version.  It has the same user interface, lets users browse the game Library, and view game titles available in the store -- but it's unknown which game titles will be available.

Microsoft Windows still boasts a much larger video game following than OS X, but Steam has been a popular request by Mac owners.  A new Steam Play feature will give Steam users the opportunity to purchase one game title for PC or Mac, and use it on either platform – it also allows you to start a game at work on a PC and finish where you left off at home on a Mac.

The service was first rumored at the beginning of March, with many OS X gamers rejoicing at the thought of a native Steam release sometime in the future.  Valve hopes to woo Mac users to Steam's services by using a UI that closely mimics the regular Windows edition.

"As we transition from entertainment as a product to entertainment as a service, customers and developers need open, high-quality Internet clients," Valve President Gabe Newell said last month.  "The Mac is a great platform for entertainment services."

In addition, Windows Steam users will be able to get the Steam Client UI Update for Windows next Monday, according to blog posts.

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