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San Francisco Bay Area stores will be the first to receive the Powemats

For people that like to camp out near a power outlet at the local Starbucks — no doubt deeply in thought while “writing his or her best-selling novel” — Duracell is looking to help you cut the [power] cord, at least with respect to your smartphone.
Starbucks and Duracell Powermat today announced than an initial rollout of Powermat wireless charging pads will begin in Starbucks stores around the San Francisco Bay Area. “Powermat Spots” will be clearly marked on tables and counters within Starbucks stores.
All of the Powermats installed in Starbucks stores will be compatible with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) wireless charging standard. PMA members include ASUStek, AT&T, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, and ZTE.

“Powermat Spots in Starbucks are the result of almost a decade of scientific research spanning material sciences, magnetic induction and mesh networking,” said Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat Technologies.   “The two-pronged power-plug dates back to the era of the horse drawn carriage, so that today’s announcement marks the first meaningful upgrade to the way we access power in well over a century.”
Plans beyond the San Francisco Bay Area are a bit murky at this point, with Starbucks only stating that it will expand to additional U.S. markets in 2015 and all company-operated stores “over time.”

Sources: Starbucks , Duracell Powermat

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By Gunbuster on 6/12/2014 12:00:02 PM , Rating: 4
Looked up PMA at Wikipedia: "A key advantage of the PMA standard over Qi addition of data transmission at charging stations for marketing purposes."

So you can get Starbucks spam while charging your ATT phone that you had to buy a PMA add-on case for? Oh hold me back, the excitement is too much.

RE: "marketing"
By tng on 6/12/2014 12:53:48 PM , Rating: 4
This is what I found funny...
PMA members include ASUStek, AT&T, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, and ZTE.
Apple is not named specifically in this and I am sure that you could probably buy an add on battery case that would support it, but there are legions of Apple faithful that go to SB's on a daily basis. I suspect that they will have issues with this, LOL.

RE: "marketing"
By Gunbuster on 6/12/2014 1:55:44 PM , Rating: 2
I wonder how Microsoft is going to square being a PMA member with all its newly acquired Nokia phones using QI?

RE: "marketing"
By seamonkey79 on 6/12/2014 3:34:09 PM , Rating: 2
Probably the same way LG is with my Nexus 5 having Qi.

I anticipate a lot of annoyed customers
By Belegost on 6/12/2014 12:01:48 PM , Rating: 3
Seeing as PowMat is far behind Qi in terms of handset integration, I suspect a lot of people are going to be confused when their phone does not charge.

Overall this stupid format struggle is retarding the growth of wireless charging, no one wants to commit to anything because it's not clear which standard will be around in a couple years.

That's a real shame, the wireless charging on my L920 is one of the best convenience features, and I have no interest in moving to a new handset without it.

By wordsworm on 6/12/2014 12:39:50 PM , Rating: 1
Well then why don't you start a mega cafe brand and offer Qi instead. I'm sure the masses will choose your cafe over Starbucks. Just make sure you get the best artificial flavours since nothing they make has any flavour without it. The artificial masses will love having an alternative to Starbucks. Call it Starducks.

By Murloc on 6/12/2014 1:14:33 PM , Rating: 2
there's always been standard wars, they ain't gonna disappear.

Every new technology, there will be a war.

Just get over it and enjoy the increased long-term efficency of capitalism.

This is for the iphone masses
By ratbert1 on 6/12/2014 9:10:34 PM , Rating: 2
I wondered about this when I heard it. I thought "Oh, they are going to put Qi chargers in Starbucks". But then I realized no iPhones have wireless charging. Think about it. No one uses this charging standard. It is a blatant attempt to get iPhone owners to buy a charging cover. And they will do it. It will be "Cool" to have wireless charging now, since they can roll into Starbucks and drop their phone down on the charger. And Starbucks obviously doesn't want anyone with an Android or Windows phone that already has wireless charging built in. I'm sure Duracell must be footing a lot of this cost as well.

That's great, but
By chmilz on 6/12/14, Rating: 0
"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher
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