Sprint hasn't said why One Up was cencelled

In September of 2013, Sprint unveiled a new plan that would allow subscribers to upgrade their smartphones in the middle of their contracts for a price called One Up. The plan allowed users to get a new device with no down payment, no extra monthly fee, and with a discounted plan. The user could then upgrade their phone every 12 months.
The plan allowed subscribers to pay about half the cost of the new phone to upgrade.
Sprint has now terminated the One Up plan after only four months of availability. Sprint is now telling people looking for details on One Up to check out the Framily plan that allows the user to link accounts to friends to save money.
One Up was reportedly popular with users and the Framily plan supposedly isn’t a direct replacement. In fact, that new plan offers no ability to upgrade early unless the user pays for unlimited data.
Sprint has offered no details on why it cancelled the One Up.

Source: The Verge

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